The race in the cloud!

par 1 Maillot Pour la Vie

Anything is possible.... let's see!

I have to say that this sunday we - my husband and I - are going to take part of one of our biggest race challenge as we are running 27km uphill. It starts at 1,000m to finish at 2,802m. I just found out that the road has been classified the highest road of Europe.... (no I am still doing it!).

The race names La Bonette mountain footrace. It starts at 7pm and there is about 250 runners. (I could not find how many women????)

How everything started...

I can already hear you thinking how much we are crazy but this time I won't contradict you... what we are going to do this Sunday is quite mad... and scary. how did it happen?

I have to say, it was quite a last minute "opportunity"from a "good" friend who found out that we were in Nice this weekend! How could we refuse not to take part.... so tempting....

So I thought that the level of effort and courage we would put must be awarded and value a good cause. That's why inspired by the English culture, I am asking if you could sponsor me and my craziness in order to help a French charity "Un maillot pour la vie", where my twin Carole works.

What Un maillot pour la vie is all about:

Their mission is to brighten the life of sick children by bringing the sport values and the festive atmosphere to them in order to take their mind off the pain and help them to forget about their illness. They then organise plenty of in-and outdoor events meetings between sportmen and sick children through two main projects:

- The "Magical afternoons” in children hospitals: Sportsmen come to visit ill children and spend time together through recreational activities. It is all about sharing memories, having fun and above all breaking the sickness routine in the hospital that long-term children have to face. They organise 30 afternoons a year and since 2000, 10,000 sick children have been visited.

- “Sport children dreams”: Another way to bring smile to sick children is to take them to sport stadiums. By participating in famous sport matches – like football, rugby matches – they will leave them with plenty of happy memories to share with their family and friends. For instance, we took a hundred children to the Turin Olympic Games in 2006 and the Rugby World Cup in 2007. We would like to go to the UEFA Euro 2008. 200 sport dreams have been realised over the past seven years.

The association is sponsored by famous sportsmen such as Fabien Pelous (rugby), Isabelle Sévérino (gymnastics), Nicolas Dieuze (football), Sébastien Mongin (handball) or Michael Landreau (football). 2,500 sportsmen get involved in our different projects and they come from all the sport sectors as we work with all the children pathologies.

To raise money, we ask sportsmen to offer us their own jerseys they wore during a competition and signed it after. So we sell them to auction or exhibit them. Since 2000 we have spent 400,000 euros for the children.

Many thanks in advance for your help.... it means a lot for me.... and i am sure it would definitely help me to finish this incredible challenge....



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