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L'Académie d'été du Capriccio Français organise des stages pour chanteurs, chefs de chœur, chefs de chant et choristes. Prochaine session sur les hauteurs du Lac d'Annecy en aout 2020

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L'Académie d'été du Capriccio Français propose un stage de chant, un stage de direction de chœur, un stage pour chefs de chant ainsi qu’un stage de chant choral. Elle se déroulera du dimanche 23 août au dimanche 30 août 2020 sur les hauteurs du Lac d'Annecy.

Le Capriccio Français Summer Music Academy offers a tuition program for singers, harpsichordists, and students in choir conducting, as well as a choral program, from August 23 (arrival before dinner) to August 30 after lunch). The Academy is situated in in the heights of Lake Annecy

The students will develop their technical skills together with their stylistic skills on early music repertoire. Singers, instrumentalists and choral singers work together all through the session, sharing their stylistic knowledge, and prepare auditions and the final concert together.

Students interested in the vocal, conducting or instrumental Academy must be advanced musicians (and must send a curriculum before they can be accepted). Professional artists or music teachers are welcome, as part of their continuing professional development. The number of choral singers is intentionally limited (28 max.), so that each section of the choir is balanced. A strong experience of choral singing is required.

French and English are spoken in our international Music Academy.

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