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They need your support

€15 = US$ 17 = 1 technical uniform
€50 = US$ 57 =  1 bicycle + safety equipment
€100 = US$ 114 = 7 technical uniforms
€150 US$ 170 = 6 students with school supplies

Presentation of the project

On Sunday, December 2, our team: Rathana and Sinan, students at Sala Baï, Anne-Charlotte, director of Agir pour le Cambodge, François, communication manager at Sala Baï and Ratha, our coach, will run a half-marathon to raise funds for Sala Baï in order to help young Cambodians from extremly poor families to complete a professional training course that will transform their lives and those of their families.

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What will the money collected be used for?

An essential condition for the success of the Sala Baï project is that training must be free of charge. For 12 months, the school covers the full cost of training: teaching, accommodation, food, medical care, school supplies, technical uniforms, etc. In 2018-2019, the cost per student works out at €2,500.

In order to meet the growing need in Cambodia where 33% of the population still lives below the poverty line, Sala Baï' has had to increase the size of its workforce by 50% in 3 years. In this context of strong development, we need to find funding to support the training of 150 students per year.

Thank you for your help! 

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Our team

Sinan, a student at Sala Baï

"Before coming to Siem Reap to study at Sala Baï, I had never really run. But I got a taste for it by trying the race with Mr. François and I now train every week. It's different here compared to my village in the countryside because there are athlètes running with us along the river. We are very motivated to stay strong and support Sala Baï's future students!"

Rathana, student at Sala Baï
"I discovered running in my Mekong Children's Centre, I love to run at full speed! This helps me to relieve stress and feel healthy. I hope my race will inspire other girls to do the same."

Anne-Charlotte, Director of Agir pour le Cambodge
"I am very happy and moved to accompany these two students from Sala Baï who are mobilizing to help other young people to escape poverty. Their commitment is very strong and they'll be encouraged by members of the management team. We will be there! "

François, communication manager at Sala Baï
"I have the greatest admiration for these young girls who've decide to give their all by surpassing themselves for others. Imagine what it can mean for them to run 21 km in a country where everyone travels by motorcycle and where the practice of sport is not very widespread! Every week, they come to training with a joie de vivreand such pride in representing the school that makes me want to climb mountains with them."

Ratha, team coach
"Girls are talented and strong. This is a message we want to send to all Cambodian youth: with motivation and determination you can accomplish extraordinary things and change the course of your life!"

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