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Tax deduction

The donation to Agir pour le Cambodge is tax-deductible in France, you will receive a receipt.

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  • Particulier : vous pouvez bénéficier d'une réduction d'impôt égale à 66 % du montant de votre don, dans la limite de 20 % de votre revenu imposable.

I donate every month: 

  • Textbooks for one student: 35 USD = 30 €
  • Uniform, technical clothes and a bike for one student: 55 USD = 50 €
  • Meals for one month for one student: 75 USD = 70 €
  • Annual health care for one student: 120 USD = 100 €

Support our vocational training and education programs

Agir pour le Cambodgeis a French NGO which was created in January 1985. From the very beginning, APLC put education and training at the forefront of its mission to fight poverty. APLC fights against poverty and human trafficking by enabling the poorest, with priority given to girls, to have access to education and vocational training to ensure their fast and sustainable professional integration.

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