Carpets & Tapestries

par AMMD

Sebkha-Chott's 6th album

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Donner 10 euros

1 x Carpets & Tapestries Origiasmic Disc Packaging

Donner 25000 euros

1 x Pare-bugle

Donner 30000 euros

1 x Ginette pare-balle

Donner 49999 euros

1x Nots Awful Mitzahal Michel's tooth bridge

Donner 50000 euros

1x Yüla's last bubble gum (pre-chewed)

Donner 300000 euros

1 x brand new crowdfunding system framework to help you raising funds for Sebkha-Chott's crowdfunding and getting this counterparts (this kinda means perpetual motion)

Donner 575000 euros

We start the developpement of our brand new concept : The Ultimate LaTourette OSC Smasher Big Button. Right now. Under GNU/GPL License.

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