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Give a new prosthetic leg to Gerup, thanks to 3D printing


Give a new prosthetic leg to Gerup, thanks to 3D printing - AROONII

Let’s seize this opportunity to give her a new leg, making her life much better. We only have until the end of October to raise the funds!

« Dear all,


 I am seeking your support today because we have a unique opportunity, together, to change a woman’s life thanks to 3D-printing.


This woman, whose name is Gerup, is Cambodian, and she is a cook in a children’s home in Kep, a little seaside town in the south of the country.


Now 41, Gerup’s leg hurts and bruises her every day, preventing her from living normally. Indeed, Gerup lost her leg when she was a teenager.

With her unadapted prosthetic she can’t pick up her kids at school, has to cook sitting on the floor, and can’t tend to her vegetable garden, all this because due to her prosthetic she can’t stay standing up for more than a few minutes at a time.


We are asking for your help and support today to seize a unique opportunity to give her a brand new, adapted prosthetic which will allow her to lead a more normal life.

We only have until the end of October to get it done.


Why ?


Because Paul Fotheringham, the founder of 3D Life Prints, will be in Cambodia at that time, and agreed to take care of Gerup’s leg.


3D Life Prints has already equipped thousands of people throughout the world thanks to 3D-printed prosthetics.

This affordable technology can change lives among those who need it most.


And today, we need your support to give this opportunity to Gerup.


1 000 €.


1 000 € is the amount we need to collect to cover all the costs linked to the operation, from the printing to her transportation and hospitalisation.


My name is Stephanie, and I am leading this fundraising initiative through my organisation called AROONII.


I founded AROONII after a trip to Asia, to bring concrete and effective support to the people I met in the villages I visited.

I also met Gerup during that trip.


If you also want Gerup to accomplish her dream of picking her kids up at school, growing her vegetables and cooking standing up, help us by ckicking on the link at the top of the page.


I personnally guarantee that each euro will go towards financing Gerup’s new leg.

Thanking you all in advance for your support, « Orkun tchran » (thank you in Khmer). »


Stephanie, President of AROONII.


This project is a collaboration between several associations and volunteers to help Gerup, a cook in a children’s home and educational farm in Kep, Cambodia.

The prosthetic she has is supposed to last 5 years, but she’s been using it for 8 years. Giving her a new, modern prosthetic will change her life and also avoid the risks associated with her current old model: the current prosthetic could break under her weight at any moment, or her knee could dislocate.


AROONII is working with 3D Life Prints through Denisa, a big-hearted volunteer who is developing a project to collect donations for 3D-printed prosthetics for poor people.

The project is being followed by AROONII, from the collection of funds up to Gerup’s intake at the hospital in Phnom Penh, using the association’s contacts in Cambodia.

To find out more about Aroonii :

Our Facebook page : Aroonii https://www.facebook.com/aroonii?fref=ts 

Aroonii’s Tumblr : http://aroonii.com/


Denisa is in contact with Paul who will bring the prosthetic to Cambodia in his luggage, and organise the installation of the prosthetic.

Paul, the founder of 3D Life Prints, has been working for several years in Kenya, Cambodia and elsewhere in Asia and Africa, to provide prosthetic hands and legs to the destitute. With his team, present in several countries, he actively participates in changing differences in developing countries, where handicaped people often suffer discrimination. That is also why his prosthetics are made to look as much as possible like real limbs using skin-like surfaces. The prosthetics are customized and adapted to each case to be as useful as possible. Some of the designs are also open source to make them available to all.

While he mostly works with patients being cared for in hospitals to be able to help several people at a time, in this case, Paul agreed to carry the prosthetic in his personal luggage and to organise the operation for Gerup at the hospital as well as making sure Gerup gets a safe trip back to Kep. 


To find out more about 3D Life Prints and Paul :



To find out more about Denisa :

Denis is developing a project to provide free prosthetics to poor people in Romania and elsewhere. This activity uses a multidisciplinary team and also depends on your support. 

For more details : http://printalimb.strikingly.com/

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