Complete a lack of democratic in Africa


Faire un don

Complete a lack of democratic in Africa


Faire un don

Promote more democratic in Africa

                                                                                                                              ASSOCIATION CULTURELLE  BURKINABE

                                              The association has created since 8 jullet 2013 in paris . we want to help people around the world  particularly in burkina faso. We want to encourage exchanges between Africa and Europe .

 Problematic :  we try to answer , why in some African  countries there is peace  and not in others ? 

1 The  colonized country england :  Sudan , kenya , Rhodésia , ghana , Nigeria , south Africa 
SUDAN : sudan it there’s dictatorship ,the oil is a source of conflict , there is also a problem of religion  (muslim fundamentalists spread death )
NIGERIA : young unemployed are recruited by boko haram. Boko haram is a terrorist and muslim fundamentalists spred death in west africa . 
South Africa : recent conflict due to unemployment  the indigenous  blame , foreigners stealing  their  work  , there are a series of attacks on foreigners. 

2 The countries colonized by France :  Morocco, Algeria, Guinea , Niger , Chad , French , Equatorial Africa , Ivory coast  , Chad , Madagascar , Burkina faso , Mali , Niger 
Mali and Niger : were attack by the fundamentalists and terrorists groups . the France  helped them(Mali and Niger ) with operation barkhane .
Ivory Coast : ethnic conflict on unemployment bakcground . Aboriginal accuse foreigners of having them stolen their  land . alhassane ouattara is accused of being of foreigner , he could not be a president in this country . 3000 thousands of people are killed in 2011 in ivory coast  by the last president gabgo . the ethnic was the reason why of this conflict . 
Burkina faso :  the last president was blaise compaoré . after 30 power  , the people of burkina quit it out  of  the  power  . 

3The countries colonized by italy : libya , ethiopia 
Libya : the oil become more attractive  for  many people . kadhafi was a ditactor  and the ethnic  conflicts increase in this country .
4 the countries colonized by Portugal : Angola , mozambique 
Angola : problems of mismanaged diamonds
5 the countries colonized by belgium :democratic republic of congo (RDC)
RDC : mobutu died in the power , the family of khabila has been there since 1998 . it’s a dictatorial regime . there is a mismanagement of resources . to conclude

In AFRICA , there was a lack of democratic . 
. We intend to participate  for more democratic by creating a website  . we will make reports  on the  progress of the  electoral process . we will also be in the  polling stations  to report on events on our site . We want to recruit women  for this  job . We want to recruit webmasters and journalists so we need help . 

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