HEC Consulting - 13th January 2015 : Discovering & encouraging exceptional behaviours through “Positive Deviance”

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Le 13 janvier 2015 à 19:00

HEC Consulting - 13th January 2015 : Discovering & encouraging exceptional behaviours through “Positive Deviance”

HEC Alumni with Harvard Club of France & the Oxford University Alumni (OUSP and OBA Paris chapter) are delighted to invite you to our next joint conference : Discovering & encouraging exceptional behaviours through “Positive Deviance” An Interview & exchange with Monique Sternin in English cofounder of the approach, co-author of the book (Harvard, 2010), associate professor.


Traditional expert-driven models for individual, social and organizational change often don’t work. Like the human immune system, individuals and organizations & institutions  reject what is perceived as “foreign matter”. When “external experts” provide strategies for  organizational & social change which are  “not invented here”,  they are doomed to fail.

The Positive Deviance approach builds on successful but “deviant” (different) practices and strategies that are identified from within the organization or institution, by the very people whose behavior needs to change, and thus are, by definition, accessible today by those sharing the same cultural context.

Several questions will be treated during this interview and debate:

- how to solve very complex organization behavioural problems in a durable and effective manner with existing limited resources (of time, expertise, staff, budget...) and respect for the culture and social context

- where can we find and identify current internal best practices? How can we efficiently promote adoption of these different mental, behavioural and relational approaches throughout the organisation?

Monique Sternin will share her experience of supporting  NGOs and government organisations in combating :

- childhood  malnutrition in Vietnam and in 40 other countries since 1990, advocating against feminine excision in Egypt in 1997, or promoting newborn  survival in Pakistan…

- recent interventions in prevention of mortal illnesses (malaria, ebola, nosocomial diseases…), the incarceration of prisoners in Denmark, education in Latin America…

- consulting missions to businesses led by colleagues for Merck, Hewlett-Packard, Goldman Sachs...


Of French background, Monique Sternin has studied at Harvard University school of Education, lectures in the US at Tufts University and coaches PD practitioners around the world from UN staff to local NGOs. Over the last 25 years, she has support efforts to eradicate childhood malnutrition, girl trafficking, official extortion, nosocomial infections in US hospitals, and other “wicked problems” that require adaptive change (currently for indian government on teen health issues).

She co-authored the Power of Positive Deviance (Harvard 2010), with spouse & co-founder of the Positive Deviance Initiative Jerry Sternin and Oxford Fellow, Richard Pascale. 


- article in Challenges magazine “Monique Sternin et la malnutrition infantile” (in French): http://www.challenges.fr/economie/20141015.CHA8929/parcours-de-femmes-extraordinaires-monique-sternin-et-la-malnutrition-infantile.html 

- the Harvard Business Case "Your Company’s Secret Change Agents" written by Jerry Sternin & Richard Pascale (in English): https://hbr.org/2005/05/your-companys-secret-change-agents/ar/1

- TEDx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqVrjym1z0g


NB. Only inscription accompanied by online payment will be confirmed

We look forward to welcoming you on this occasion!

Yours sincerely, 

Grégory Le Roy, Co-President of the HEC Consulting group and member of the Management and Human Resources group

Claire Mays, Harvard Club of France, former President

Robert McCann, Vice-President of the Oxford University Society of Paris (OUSP) and President of the Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) Paris Chapter

This event is organized by HEC Alumni (Consulting Group and  Management & Human Resources Group)

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