The Greater Europe Peace Orchestra on tour in Berlin

par Association des Jeunes pour une Grande Europe

After Paris and Moscow : art and peace in Berlin !

The Greater Europe Peace Orchestra is a youth project gathering young musicians from France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and other European countries, who want to bring peace and more understanding on the European continent.

We have created this Orchestra in 2014 after the Ukrainian crisis to concretely show that our common interest is to cooperate, not to fight.

We have already organized concerts in Paris (France) in July 2015, and in Moscow and Dubna (Russia) in May 2016. On all these occasions we have organized a conference on peace and mutual development : at the UNESCO in Paris, at the JINR Institute in Dubna, and at the MGIMO University in Moscow. Cumulatively, these attracted a crowd of 900 people, including international students, young professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, institutional officials and experts.

We have the ambition to continue this journey in Berlin, Germany, from 23rd to 30th of November 2016. We chose to dedicate our concerts to a conference on Eastern-Western development strategies, in the context of Germany's Chairmanship of the OSCE in 2016.

The Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations is already supporting us in this endeavour.

What will be your money used for ?

Our Orchestra is composed of young people from various countries. The largest share of the cost of the project consists of logistics, transportation provisions, accommodation and food. Already the first sponsors have been found. However, to complete the budget, we still require 2,000€.

Our team

Benoît Odille is an engineer with a passion for classical music and European great culture. He always believed that music can influence positively the decisions of people on critical issues, such as war and peace. He is entirely committed to bring this project to a bigger audience.

Anastasia Lebedeva is a student in international relations in Germany. She has been elected president of the Youth Association for a Greater Europe two months ago in recognition of the constant energy she puts in every project of the association. She has pledged to have two concerts of the Orchestra per year.

Please help our music convey the most profound ideas about mankind, to make development a powerful means of cooperation.

All the best,

The GEPO team

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