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Donation campaign: let's help cure Hepatitis B

                                                                      Together we can make a difference  

                                                                                         and help eliminate Hepatitis B within a decade

Hi! I am Helene, I am an intern in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at Dijon hospital in France.

                                                                                                      My 2 targets for 2021

  • To climb Mount Everest: since 11th May 2021, I am the twelfth and youngest French woman to have reached the World’s highest summit at 8849 m high.
  • To raise awareness and funds to support international medical research in Hepatic Virology, led by Professor Fabien Zoulim and his INSERM U1052 research unit, who I had the opportunity to learn from during a medical research internship.

Professor Zoulim is the Chair of ICE-HBV, the International Coalition to Eliminate HBV, which is supported by the World Health Organization.

                                                                                                              Hepatitis B

Is the main cause of liver cancer worldwide.

Is a major global health issue.

Despite an efficient vaccine, there are still over 250 million chronic carriers of the virus, at risk of developing cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Current antiviral treatments allow viral inhibition, but do not eliminate the virus.

These patients therefore require life-long treatment.

 Many countries cannot afford such expensive treatments.

                                                                                                 Supporting medical research

 “The aim and challenge today isto cure more patients on a bigger scale and really eliminate the infection!”, states Professor Zoulim.

Thanks to new findings, promising molecules could completely cure the infection with shorter treatments.

If together we support these efforts, there could be a cure for HBV within a decade:

Saving millions of lives and reducing the economic burden of lifelong treatment.

Find out more about ICE HBV 

Learn more about Hepatitis B and ongoing research with an interview with Pr. Zoulim

Find out more about my project on my website 

                                                  All your donations are entirely and directly made to this medical research team.

                                                                                         THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

"We share the same type of goal with Helene, both projects require huge amounts of effort: for Helene it is the ascent of Mount Everest, and for our team, it is succeeding in eliminating hepatitis B ..." concluded Fabien Zoulim in his interview.

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