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Who are we?

The association AIME supports the Ban Pak Audomsung Learning Center in the development of its educational activities for Burmese Refugees since 2015. 

The Learning Center hosts around 20 kids whose parents are living in Burma, in Thailand illegally, or in refugee camps. All the children are of the Karen ethnicity, a Burmese minority that has been fighting the Burmese government for the past 60 years. The center is managed by a Karen family who managed to get Thai identity papers. Its main objective is to offer an education to the kids while providing them with living accommodations, food, clothing and access to healthcare. 

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Why donate to our cause?

Ban Pak Audomsung Learning Center is a structure that was created three years ago and that is in full development, focusing on two main areas.

The first focus area is the Center’s short-term needs, driven in particular by a new wave of children that recently joined the center. Projects are mainly focused on improving the Center’s infrastructure, e.g. fixing roof leaks in most of the buildings ($100), installing solar panels for the kitchen ($400), building a new dormitory for the boys ($3000), etc.

The second focus area is the Center’s long-term development. For example, hiring a full-time Thai teacher (60$/month), would allow some of the younger children to join Thai Schools as soon as the 2019 school year. Similarly, developing a sustainable economic activity for the center would allow it to benefit from a stable revenue source, inspiring a new dynamic for the center. For example, buying a rice laboring machine ($1600) would allow the center to rent it out or use it to produce more rice and sell the excess. 

By donating to Ban Pak Audomsung Learning Center, you can be assured that 100% of your donation will directly benefit the Center and that you will be kept informed of the advancement of the projects to which you contributed.

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Contact Us!

If you have any questions or would like to have more information about AIME or Ban Pak Audomsung Learning Center, please contact with of our project managers Maelys or Elliot: and

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