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Why is a website dedicated to manipulation of spinning fans (training, fire, led) but also silk fans per example. It's echoing the facebook page Eventails de feu – Lila, created 3 years ago and that owns around 50 video tutorials. They were made by the artist Lila Chupa-Hoops, in french, and covers from the most basic beginner moves to more advanced variations.

Unfortunately, the facebook page is not anymore suited for online learning, that's why the website was born, to put together all the information all in one place.You will find there :

  • All the tutorials in order of progression

  • Level categories

  • Presentation of the different fans types

  • A FAQ tab

  • List of french partners

  • A blog

  • The choreography kits

New tutorials are still in the making and soon uploaded on the website !

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Why make a donation

In order to give you a website without any advertising and all the options for its good service, the association must pay :

  • Domain name - 18€/year

  • Premium subscription – 180€/year

In addition to that, we must count the technologic investment to make the tutorials and the uncalculated hours of work provided by Lila since 2016.

What about the counter part ? THanks to your gift, you contribute to keep the website alive but you also gain access to exclusive content. Each donation gives you the opportunity to receive a choreography kit, the one of your choice, directly n your email box with all the explanations like if Lila was in your living room.

Those choreographies are totally original, created only for this purpose and to make you work on transitioning and linking moves together with musicality. Those choreographies are made to fit different kind of levels.

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HelloAsso est une entreprise sociale et solidaire, qui fournit gratuitement ses technologies de paiement à l’association Association Rendez-v’HOOP France. Une contribution au fonctionnement de HelloAsso, modifiable et facultative, vous est proposée avant la validation de votre paiement.

Keep supporting us

Visibility on social media is crucial to reach new fan spinners and make this community grow more and more. Here are other actions, all free, that you can do to help us :

  • Go through all the tabs of the website, all clicks count

  • Like, comment, share the content of the website on your own social media

  • Contribute to the FAQ by submitting questions

  • Leave a review on google or the facebook page

  • Create a link to this website from your own website !

  • Write an article

  • Tag the page or the website when you post your trainings

  • Talk about the website to your friends, community, at fire jams...

  • Visit the partners pages and use the discount codes

Finally, if you want to support Lila's work more personally, you can participate to her workshops, tip her free online courses or book a private class !

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