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Let's make Jean Linard Cathedral a "common" !

In order to save, preserve and develop this unique work of art, the association, is proposing a project which aims to make the Linard Cathedral a “common” accessible to everyone, based on the principles of self-governance, sustainability, respect and solidarity.

Since autumn 2018, different local operators have worked to set up a SCIC (cooperative society of collective interest), a legal structure in which all persons, natural or legal, and all structures, private or public, can unite around a common project. The SCIC “A mosaic for the Cathedral” was created on June 22. Its purpose is to raise the funds necessary to purchase the site and, once owner, to ensure its preservation and development through various activities at the initiative of its members, which will share the ownership and the responsibility of the site.

The donations that will be made to the ACJL association will be used to buy shares of the SCIC “A mosaic for the Cathedral”.

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