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  • Private individual : You can deduct 66% of your donation in the limit of 20% of your taxable income. If you are liable for Real estate tax, you benefit from a reduction of your IFI equal to 75% of the amount of your donation, up to the limit of 50 000 euros. Warning the fraction of donation that gave rise to reduction of IFI, can not be combined, to reduction of IR. When the donation is eligible for both, the donor can choose one or the other, or decide to allocate the donation.

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Bob, by Bayes Impact

Bob is an AI-powered independent platform built by the NGO Bayes Impact, which provides employability coaching to all. Leveraging labour market data and the trajectory of millions of past jobseekers, Bob provides every job seeker with a personalized job search assessment and a concrete action plan to job recovery. Doing so, Bob makes employability coaching available at scale, to enable everyone to benefit from the right advice, at the right time, in a personalized way.

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Your contribution to the functioning of HelloAsso. Why? - Change


HelloAsso is a social and solidarity company, which provides for free its payment technologies to the organism Bayes Impact France. A contribution to the functioning of HelloAsso, updatable and optional, is proposed to you before the validation of your payment.

Our vision

Our vision through this platform is to create a truly citizen-led public service: an independent platform, free, constantly improving, and built by citizens for citizens.
We are a small team whose raison d'être is to use the power of technology for the common good. We created Bob Emploi because we believe that data and AI can be leveraged to empower every individual to take full control of their job search and career development.

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