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Join the BeHappih Campaign !

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Join the BeHappih Campaign !  - Be Happih

Join HAPPIH's fight against menstrual poverty !

What is HAPPIH ?

Humanitarian Action for Protection and Preservation of Intimate Hygiene (HAPPIH) is an association working to prevent menstrual precarity by providing education and access to sustainable menstrual hygiene.

HAPPIH aimes to :

·         Increase awareness on menstrual health related issues

·         Increase awareness on the sanitary & environmental impact of disposable sanitary pads

·         Deconstruct taboos

·         Prevent diseases caused by improper menstrual hygiene

·         Offer sustainable solutions that are more respectful of the environment

What have we already done ? 

15th-17th of December 2017 : Our two first action was carried out in two schools in the region of Marrakesh (Morocco). With the support of the Moroccan association INSAF and the Tunisian association Wallah We Can, we distributed 400 pads. 175 girls answered our survey on pad's improvement and participated to a 3 hours workshop on menstrual health. We also met 25 local organisations to ensure the durability of our action.

February 2018 : Our local partner INSAF, led a second wave of workshops and the distribution of our ecological, washable and biodegradable pads. Around 100 girls benefited from our pads and our personalised workshop on menstrual health.

9th of June 2019 : Our team led an action in the streets of Paris to distribute sanitary pads to homeless women with the help of AMGE CARAVANE. This was our first action in France, and we successfully helped around 50 women.

October 2019 : One of our local partners, led our fourth action by giving more than 300 pads to students of Dar Taliba in the region of Tanant (Morocco). We also organised a full day of workshops with the help of doctors to raise awareness of menstrual health.

October 2019 : As part of a campaign aiming at helping and empowering homeless women in Paris, HAPPIH partnered with Fortes to provide health and beauty products for women at the Paris City Hall. For this event, Rita, our president, went to one of the collection sites to provide nearly 140 pads.

November 2019 : With the help of the Rotaract UM6SS, Maha led our last action of the year by giving more than 150 ecological and washable pads to 55 girls and women in the area of Amerzegane. She  also organised a full day of workshops with the help of doctors to raise awareness of menstrual health.

Why do we need you ?

In order to help more girls in Morocco, we aim to provide pads and organize menstrual health workshops to reach 1000+ girls in the country in 2020. To achieve this, we need 10 000€ that we plan to raise through crowd and institutional funding.

We aim to expand to other African countries and become one of the first NGOs fighting menstrual precarity in the continent. To organize our first actions, we need the help of local organizations, and a total of 5 000€/country in order to provide pads and organize menstrual health workshops to reach 500+ girls.

Our first targets are Gabon and Senegal.

Not only do we want to eradicate menstrual precariousness, we also want to do it in the most sustainable way possible. To achieve this, we would like to develop even more sustainable pads, and produce them locally in each country we will operate in. Finally, we would like to create a circular economy by teaching local women how to produce our pads.

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