Registration to Peasant' Seeds International Meeting -November 4th to 9th 2019-

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Du 04 novembre 2019 au 09 novembre 2019

Registration to Peasant' Seeds International Meeting -November 4th to 9th 2019-

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Du 04 novembre 2019 à 00:00 au 09 novembre 2019 à 00:00

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Farmers' seeds feed the people - Sow your Resistance-

Farmers' Seeds International Meetings, Sow your resistance, - - Farmers' seeds feed the people
From 4th to 9th November 2019, Occitania, France 

Since its creation in 2003, the members of the Farmers' Seeds Network (RSP) have regularly organized international meetings bringing together practitioners, farmers, gardeners and seed artisans from all over the world.

These international meetings are an important levers to recover the knowledge and know-how associated with seeds that are too often lost in industrialized countries. They have made it possible to build links, alliances and projects between practitioners of cultivated biodiversity in the different regions of the world engaged in peasant, ecological and solidarity-based agriculture. 

 At the beginning of November 2019, several RSP collectives in Occitania propose to co-organize the International Meetings "Sème ta résistance" -Sow your Resistance-, planned in three steps: 


Visits to the Peaseant Seeds House, Occitania - November 4th, 5th and 6th November

The first phase is devoted to visits to farms and collective facilities for practice exchanges between peers in the field. this step is reserved for international guests.

During 3 days, four different visits, around concrete initiatives to maintain the biodiversity cultivated in farms and gardens, are proposed to international guests who wish to do so, each visit is organized by local collectives members of the Farm Seeds Network.

Please pre-register, as soon as possible, with your choices in the online registration form as there are limited number of places.

  • First Visit, Pétanielle (Tarn)

The association Pétanielle offers farm visits focused on peasant seeds of straw cereals (wheat, spelt, fertilisers...). On the agenda: exchanges around mills and peasant bakeries, bread-making workshop on the farm and in a traditional bakery (100% organic sourdough), exchanges around an original way of organising peasant seeds associating gardeners and peasants, visit of a craftsman making small millstones of the Astrier type. An evening of cultural exchanges will be organized.

  • Second Visit, Chemin Cueillant (Minervois)

The association Chemin Cueillant proposes a meeting around orchards centred on Mediterranean fruit species (olive, almond...) and vines. This will be the olive harvest period. Among the themes that can be addressed in the farms of Chemin Cueillant, we will find livestock breeding, gardening, peasant approaches for selection, and the self-construction of agricultural equipment. An evening of cultural exchanges will be organized.

  • Third Visit, Rénova (Ariège)

The Rénova association offers exchanges around the promotion of the territory's diversified rural and agricultural activities. On the agenda: orchards and chestnut groves, discovery during the chestnut harvest period of the work of enhancing the value of the country's fruit varieties through a collective processing workshop with the production of apple juice and chestnut cream, farms in mixed farming and livestock, market gardening in animal traction, market gardening seed production... Animation in partnership with the Initiative Centre to promote the agriculture and the rural environment of Haute-Garonne. An evening of cultural exchanges will be organized.    

  • Fourth Visit, Semeurs du (Lodevois-Larzac)

The association des Semeurs du Lodevois Larzac proposes a meeting focused on vegetable, meadow and fruit species. The program: visit of market gardening based on vegetable peasant varieties, visit of an orchard of old and rare varieties of fruit trees (olive trees, plaqueminaries, pawpaw...), visit of a Larzac farm (sheep breeding, processing, selection of fodder species adapted to drought), visit of producer shops.  An evening of cultural exchanges will be organized.

MAIN DAYS MEETING IN MEZE - November, 7th & 8th

Around a large associative forum, two days of internal workshops (practical and theoretical) will be organized to facilitate exchanges between farmers, gardeners and other stakeholders in farmer seeds.

The organizers of ‘Sème ta résistance’-Sow your resistance- wish to co-construct the program with the international participants around a triptych "Sème, Résiste et Mange" « Sow, Resist and Eat »

Many workshops are already being developed: workshop on farmers' rights in relation to the International Seed Treaty (ITPGRFA), "conference-tasting" on food know-how and taste, workshop on approaches on living things in peasant agro-ecology (cross-views on the issue of selection between sea and land farmers, "synthetic" agriculture, etc.), European Coordination Let’s Liberate Diversity, various practical workshops (bread-making, etc.).

  • Let us know your ideas and workshop themes that you would like to organise or see addressed, by indicating them in the dedicated section of the online registration form    

PUBLIC DAY IN MEZE, November, 9th

In partnership with the Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE) of the Thau Basin, the last meeting day of November 9th will be entirely open to the public around the associative forum: exhibition of cultivated diversity, seed and plant exchange, practical workshops (baking, cooking, seed sorting...), children's area, round tables and workshops, concert and catering. This day will close the meetings.

Places and access

The meetings in the farms will take place in 4 territories of Occitania: Ariège, Lodevois-Larzac, Minervois and Tarn. Further information will then be provided to the interested participants

For international guests who are not present during farm visits, shuttles will be organised from the stations/airports in the area (Montpellier, Sète) on Wednesday 6th (late afternoon, early evening) and from Mèze on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th.

The central meetings will be in Mèze at the lodging and catering ‘The Taurus 

To access all the information and the programme of the meeting click here cliquez ici


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