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La Bergerie de Berdine

Created in 1973, la Bergerie de Berdine is a French non-profit organization which supports people in high need, especially drug addicts and alcoholics, by offering them a shelter without any time limit. Berdine offers free shelter, food, clothing, community life, social and medical assistance while the beneficiaries take part in an outdoor activity (Logging, organic farming, breeding –(goats, sheep, pigs, hens), cheese-making, bakery, crafting, carpentry, sewing, pottery), or a contribution to the community life (catering, laundry, cleaning, refurbishment). By taking responsibility in the friendly and safe environment that we provide, our beneficiaries regain self-confidence, autonomy, and the ability to work within a team.

La Bergerie de Berdine is located in the heart of the French natural park “Luberon”, in Provence: a preserved spot on a hill, offering an ideal environment to focus on oneself and take the time to start from a clean state.

Since 1973, more than 6 500 persons were supported by our organization.

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Your support means a lot to us!

Your donations help us to act against social exclusion, and to offer better living conditions to our beneficiaries:
-improve our housing options
-launch new agricultural activities
-offer training and professional support to our beneficiaries

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