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HEC Paris MBA participants have their own Student Government, the MBA Council. 

Created to represent the interests of all MBA participants, the Council takes advantage of the many activities and resources on and off campus that are available to HEC Paris MBA students. Using its position as a student advocate and staff liaison, the Council can also create new opportunities that reflect participants' constantly expanding interests for example through the creation and funding of new Clubs.

"The HEC Paris MBA Council’s mission is to represent the interests of current, future and (indirectly) past MBA participants. Our two main goals are to showcase the HEC Paris student body as a reference in terms of quality among top business schools and, as we are completely participant-focused, to help HEC Paris MBA participants have the best MBA experience possible and to maximize participant satisfaction. The MBA Council responsibilities start the moment an offer of admission is extended to a participant, and they continue until graduation. At the same time, the MBA Council acts as a spring-board that MBA Council members can leverage in their transformational journey at HEC Paris by having the opportunity to apply on the job what they learn each day in the program."

- Karan Banthia, MBA Council Treasurer

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1, rue de la Libération 78350 Jouy-en-Josas

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