HEC Africa Club Dinner

par Bureau des Elèves du MBA d’HEC (isa)

Le 06 octobre 2016 de 19:45 à 22:30

HEC Africa Club Dinner - Bureau des Elèves du MBA d’HEC (isa)

Join us for some delicious African cuisine in Versailles

Join us for the first Africa Club event of the year as we get to know each other while sharing some delicious African Cuisine at O'Maquis in Versailles.

When: Wed. Oct. 5 from 7:45-10:30 PM (approx.)
Where: Versailles
Cost: 20 Euro for you! The rest will be sponsored by Africa Club.

We are looking into providing transportation to the restaurant from campus and back for those who need it. Please make sure to respond to the ride question so we can plan accordingly.

O'Maquis Versailles

68 rue d'Anjou
78000 Versailles

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