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For the LGBT+ Migrants and disabled of Manifesta 13


For the LGBT+ Migrants and disabled of Manifesta 13 - CALEM

Campaign to compensate artists cheated by Manifesta 13, in particular LGBT + Migrants and people with disabilities.

Presentation of the project

Manifesta and the minorities of Marseille:

Answer the accusations of discrimination and migrants exploitation

Origin of the project

We are a Marseille-based and international network of artists, academics, activists and citizens, who are interested in centering the voices of black, people of color, LGBTIQ+[1], disabled and migrant communities through cultural programs and community building initiatives.

Through this statement, we would like to reiterate our desire for a truly inclusive avant-garde creative environment, challenging international artistic institutions that are most often radically above ground in Marseille, such as the Manifesta biennale present this month in Marseille.

Manifesta had previously been accused of exploitation and opaque funds management, today Manifesta's board is accused of racial discrimination, Homonationalism, and the exploitation of the most marginalized.

In these times of  “Black lives Matters”, and deconstruction of fascistic or supremacist identities, we invited the people of Marseille who are concerned to join us during a dinner debate on these topics[2], at the CALEM institute of Marseille, and we have now created a fundraising campaign in order to compensate the marginalized artists cheated by Manifesta 13[3].

“For us, the act of making ourselves visible is political”

– Angela Robertson, Our Dance of Revolution[4].


[1] In the documentary by Phillip Pike (2019): «Our Dance of Revolution» (minutes 31.45). Roaring rivers films, Canada.

[2] on Saturday, October 3rd 2020.

[3] Especially the LGBT+ Migrants and the disabled ones.

[4] Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and plus.

Our team

CALEM is regularly consulted by governments and foundations, in Europe or around the world, mainly on sociological and geopolitical issues, concerning especially the status of refugees, women rights, and inclusive trainings of progressive imams (Muslim leaders). Since 2008, CALEM (co)supervised dozens of publications, trainings, and public events, in different languages, in more than thirty countries (Europe, but also North Africa, Middle East, Caucasus, South Africa, Americas, South East Asia). CALEM received the SOS Homophobia in 2010, was supported by the European Council in 2012, was an advisor to the British court of justice to the status of refugees, was advisor to the French government regarding the law on marriage for all, and advisor to the constitution of ILGA Africa (Biggest LGBT NGO worldwide). We started in autumn 2017 our official trainings for progressive imams at the CALEM Institute (Marseille, France). In 2019, CALEM was a guest speaker in Geneva at the United Nations.

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