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A 100 KM RUN, the 'Dodentocht'. Crazy?

We are are at 2800/3000 Euro!!

YES, but of course I don't do that without a good reason. Friday night August 10th I run the 100 km of the 'Dodentocht' to raise 3000 euro for CAMELEON and therefore I need YOUR HELP!

NL web page: 2000 euro
EN web page: 1000 euro
TOTAL = 3000 euro


With 3000 euro CAMELEON gives one girl all the necessary support to the independent life she deserves!

CAMELEON has already demonstrated in over more than 20 years of solidarity actions that this program allows young girls to finally take control of the reins of their lives. Thanks to CAMELEON they can strive for a life full of confidence and awareness of their possibilities.


By donating you help me a physical, but especially the children a huge figurative step forward!

Moreover, Belgian sponsors who give donations equal or higher than 40 euro are TAX DEDUCTIBLE FOR 45%.

In other words: 

  • If you donate 20 euro, it will cost you ... the full 20 euro, so donate ...
  • 40 euro and it will cost you only 22 euro after tax deduction ( a mere 2 euro extra for you but the DOUBLE for CAMELEON). 
  • 100 euro and it will cost you 55 euro after tax deduction. 
  • 150 euro and it will cost you 82,5 euro after tax deduction.

The King Baudouin Foundation cooperates with CAMELEON. For all donations via this fund, you will receive a tax certificate at the end of February of the following year. 

!!IMPORTANT!! If you want such a tax certificate, you DON'T DONATE ON THIS PAGE, but through the King Baudouin Foundation. How? You can find the link and extra info at the bottom of this page*.


Sponsor me and CAMELEON to the finish through the AUCTION below!

There's an OPTION for every one, no excuses. You can choose an ACTION in the LIST BELOW. If you choose one of the options, we have to realize your choice and all the money you paid will go to CAMELEON.

Still a little picky? Then determine your FREE CONTRIBUTION yourself! 

STEP 1  Click on 'Faire un don'

STEP 2  Make your choice

STEP 3  Do the transfer

STEP 4  Withdraw 45% of the taxes


1. € X : A VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION to give me extra motivation to get the finish line for the underprivileged children who get a second chance at CAMELEON.


2. €5/km: I run X km with a T-SHIRT of the company, organisation, etc. (Through voluntary contribution + comment)

3. 40/logo: I run with a LOGO-TATTOO/BODY PAINT of the company, organisation, etc. (Through voluntary contribution + comment)

BASIC OUTFIT & EQUIPMENT (without = hard-core)

      SOLD!! 4. €10: a PINK TIARA (only €10?! what a deal!)

       SOLD!! 5: €10: my SHORTS, although everyone sees the fun of not sponsoring this :(

        SOLD!! 6: €10: a pair of SOCKS (can be sent to the sponsor as a souvenir afterwards)


        SOLD!!! 8: €10: my BACKPACK (probably "cheapest on the market")

        SOLD!!!9. €10: 4 LITER WATER (€2,5/l, Its SPA REINE)

        SOLD!!10. €10: my CAMELBACK to carry all this liquid.

        SOLD!!! 11. €10: an ENERGY BAR (or about 100 bars)

        SOLD!!! 12. €10: a "BANANA!!!" (in case I get chased by minions)

        SOLD!!! 13. €10: a TIGER ONESEE in which I will run the first kilometre.

LUXURY EQUIPMENT (without= boring or mindful)

         SOLD!! 1/2 14. €40: a GENETICALLY MANIPULATED SUPERBANANA! (for me, for extra power)

15. €40: my HEADLAMP, or I will be lost from the start on..

          SOLD!! 16. €40: a SEXY SPORTLIGGING (that's trendy apparently :p) 

17. €40: my SWEATER against the Belgian weather cold.

         SOLD!!18. €40: my RAINCOAT against the Belgian rainfall.

         SOLD!! 19. €40: a MAP, in case my smartphone and powerbank run out of battery, I lost my way and there is no living soul nearby since I run way too fast for them (or they for me)

       SOLD!!! 20. €40: my SMARTPHONE to register everything and keep you posted on my progress through location sharing.

        SOLD!!! 21. €40: my SMARTPHONE-ARMPOUCH (no I'm not going to make a live story of 10 hours)

         SOLD!! 22. €40: my POWERBANK, because otherwise my phone dies during an awesome music record.

         SOLD!!! 23. €40: NIPPLE PROTECTION (apparently essential for more than 50km runs)

24. €40: COMPEED's to put on my blisters.

PIMP MY RUN (we are allowed to have some fun along the way)

25. €60: a CLASS OF LOCAL DIALECT with a friend from region Antwerp/Bornem/Ruisbroek. Just in case I get lost and I need to communicate with the locals.

26. €60: a WELL BALANCED SPORTS DIET the week before the run recommended by Griet Warlop, my running coach throughout the past months.  

      SOLD!!! €60: an INSPIRATIONAL SPEECH of DAVID NASSEL right before the start.

     SOLD!!! 28. €60: a PINK CLOUD MOTIVATIONAL LETTRE written by 'PROJECT TEAM 2' to get through a weak moment.

29. €60: a FRENCHCORE TRACK provided by KEVIN CUYKENS along the way.

      SOLD!!! 30. €60: a series of MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES sent by WATSAPP from my colleagues of the PORTUGUESE CLASS.

       SOLD!!! 31. €60: a CRAZY DANCE, COOLE MOVE of your choice that I will perform on KM50(write your proposal in the free field on the donation page)

        SOLD!!  32. €60: "REFRESHMENT" provided by SOFIE & LETITIA in case of OVERHEATING.

        SOLD!!! 33. €60: a bottle of CHAMPAGNE to pop at the finish line.

        SOLD!! 34. €60: 3 kisses of my TWO BIGGEST FANS during all the hours of training, KLAAR & PAULIEN. 

35. €60: a PROFESSIONAL PICTURE at the finish to FORMALIZE I made it to the finish line. (WANTED; dead or alive)


36. €100: a LUCKY CHARM OF CHOICE of MAX 100g

37. €100: the COMPANY OF 2 WORLDCLASS ENTERTAINERS, LIESBETH & ROMINA during a part of the run.

         SOLD!!  38. €100: a PODCAST provided by COVENTRY CREW. 

         SOLD!!! 39. €100: my BROTHER NIELS on a bike next to me as a MENTAL COACH for the last 20 KM.

         SOLD!!! 40. €100: thecomplete FAMILY VAN BRANDT/VAN WIJNSBERGHE at the finish line. (€20/PIECE)

41. €100: a BANNER handcrafted by MISTER "ARTY-FARTY" MASSIMO TERRIN at the finish line.

         SOLD!!!42. €100: a TEAM OF CHEERLEADERS leaded by KLAAR VAN HECKE.

43. €100: a MASSAGE FROM MOM after making it to the FINISH LINE.

44. €100: a FRENCH CHANSON sang by Tiphaine. 

* For tax deductible donations (only Belgians & <40), 

1. Do your money transfer on this link: Funding for Dimitri Van Brandt

2. Mail me at 'dimitrivanbrandt@gmail.com' the answer to the next 2 questions:

      1) Which ACTION do you want to sponsor? Please write down the number or description in the field below. example: "number 10: TIGER ONESEE" 

      2) What is your favorite running SONG? (to keep me motivated during the 100 km)?

CAMELEON promotes the idea of a society in which children grow up with dignity, with their human rights respected, and in which adults are independent, responsible and benevolent towards them.

-Vision of CAMELEON-

For more information about Cameleon:


To stay up to date about everything that will be happening at the event follow the Facebook page:


King Boudewijn Funds payments: 140euro!!


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