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Cancer Support France, Gascony

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The Gascony branch of Cancer Support France, known as CSF, was founded at the end of 2007.  Our area of the south-west covers four departments: the Gers (32), Hautes Pyrénées (65), Haute Garonne (31), and Pyrénées Atlantiques (64). 

CSF exists to provide support for people affected by cancer, either on the telephone or by face-to-face contact. We also collate information relating to cancer care in France. It is important for people to know that we have time to listen to them, and in complete confidence.  In our branch we now have an established group of trained volunteers, known as Active Listeners, for this service.

 CSF is a non-profit organisation, so there is a need to hold fundraising and publicity events to spread the word that we exist and to cover the running costs of providing the services of our Active Listeners.

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