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ACHR is specialized in observing the human rights refugee situation and publishes periodic publications on mass violations with the aim of international advocacy to ensure the right to human dignity in the countries of asylum until their voluntary,dignified,and safe return to their country of origin

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Access Center for Human Rights (ACHR) is a non-profit, non-governmental refugee led human rights organization founded in Beirut in 2017 and re-established in Paris in 2020. ACHR includes a group of human rights defenders with experience in law and advocacy and specializes in observing the human rights refugee situation and issues periodic material on violations with the aim of raising awareness and advocacy to ensure the protection and dignity of refugees in the countries of asylum until their voluntary, dignified, and safe return to their country of origin. 

ACHR seeks to contribute to the protection of refugee victims of human rights violations as well as support CSOs, decision-makers and institutions with the verified and unbiased data that is necessary to shape more effective response and policies. The protection of human rights defenders is a key priority for ACHR, by creating a safe space for their activities and providing them with legal support before regional and international mechanisms and with the necessary tools to safely conduct human rights work. ACHR does not only target refugees but also host communities by combatting hate speech and misinformation against refugees through its media-advocacy work that uses inclusive language and considers historical and political sensitivities.

ACHR is the only organization in Lebanon today with a database specifically for human rights violations against Syrian refugees and finds it crucial to work with entities of similar values for common goals. ACHR has an MoU with ACLED, and is an active member of Voices of Displaced Syrians Forum, Lebanon Policy and Research Network on Displacement (LPRND), EuroMed Rights and collaborates with many organizations, UN agencies and diplomatic missions.

Having focal points across Lebanon and strong ties to the Syrian community allowed ACHR to grow its monitoring and documentation activities, especially after contracting with a forensic expert in 2020. To increase the effectiveness of the documentation, it established referral channels for urgent cases, and submits individual complaints to the UN Special Procedures.

ACHR has distinctively worked on very sensitive reports, some of its notable work includes: arbitrary deportation(February 2020), the pressures exercised by Lebanese authorities on CSOs (August 2020), the irregular migrationroutes and subsequent deportations (December 2021), and the situation of detainees focusing on due process and torture (March 2022), in addition to annual reports on the observed violations (see 2020 and 2021).

ACHR also conducts research with other organizations and is currently working with Front Line Defenders (FLD) on a joint report on conditions of refugee HRDs. Previously, ACHR worked with SIRAJ on a joint investigative report on ID confiscation by Lebanese authorities (10/2020) and received third prize for the Free Press Unlimited “Joint Production Fund” project competition in 2020, as well as co-drafted UPR submissions for Lebanon, Greece, and Syria.

ACHR’s advocacy work raises awareness on the situation among the public and communicates the findings and needed change with relevant actors. In 2019, ACHR launched the first Syrian refugee-led advocacy campaign by conducting meetings with country representatives and international institutions in Lebanon and Geneva. In 2021, ACHR led a campaign on the updated situation of refugees in Lebanon, holding a webinar, a series of meetings with stakeholders, podcasts, a policy paper, and an action paper, in addition to another campaign with EuroMed Rights and its members on Cyprus pushbacks to Lebanon and subsequent deportations.