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Why give to the Bishop's 2020 Advent Appeal?

Bishop Robert writes:

In response to emergency needs right across the Communion, you may have seen that the Archbishop of Canterbury launched a Covid-19 “Together in Unity” Appeal.  My Advent Appeal this year is to urge your support for the work the Anglican Communion Fund is doing to alleviate the ravaging impact of Covid-19 in the poorest parts of the world. The Anglican Communion Fund (ACF) is making a difference on the ground to people who are suffering every day, the human cost of this pandemic.  

I hope we in our diocese can help with an outstretched hand to brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion who are suffering so deeply right now from the impact of Covid-19, by supporting the work on the ground by the ACF.   

This video introduces the “Together in Unity” appeal from Archbishop Justin Welby featuring images of the impact of COVID-19 across the Anglicans Communion and the testimonies of two Anglican primates.

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2020 Bishop of Europe Advent Appeal

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt communities throughout the world. Many communities are not equipped with even the most basic of hygiene and sanitation facilities, and lockdown measures have increased economic hardship in the poorest communities with people unable to work. We are raising funds to support virus prevention and emergency relief for vulnerable communities throughout our Anglican family.

The Anglican Communion Fund (ACF) has already begun responding to COVID related needs, allocating over £180,000 across 21 provinces of the Communion. The ACF is supporting the Church in its ministry, providing food relief to the vulnerable, communicating ways of staying safe from the virus, and providing handwashing facilities and PPE. 

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