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Bishop Robert writes:

My Lent Appeal this year is concerned with restarting ordained ministry in a chaplaincy that has gone through tough times but where there is great potential. The new chaplain is one of the (very few) stipendiary, trained curates from our own diocese. The Reverend Guy Diakese trained for the priesthood in Nigeria and Rome. He speaks French, English and Italian fluently and we are very proud of him as an example of black minority ethnic leadership in the Diocese. The money raised through this appeal will enable the beginning of Guy’s ministry in Liège, a former industrial city which is now home to large numbers of migrants from beyond Europe.

The Church Council has identified three commitments they desire to be true to in the coming time:

Committed to growing disciples of Jesus Christ - through worship services, Bible Studies, Sunday School and fellowship

Committed to care - through a soup kitchen, support of the Protestant Social Centre and by being environmentally responsible.

Committed to Ecumenism - Working with other Christian communities has been important through this chaplaincy’s history and remains so today.

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I am very much aware of the financial demands placed on all our chaplaincies by the Covid crisis. I nonetheless commend my Lent appeal to you warmly, hoping that we can all share in the hope that this new start for the chaplaincy of Liège promises.

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