Please give generously to support the Anglican Church in Bordeaux and the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine

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Présentation du projet

The work of our church has grown significantly during recent years and the money required to support this work has grown in proportion to the growth as outlined below.

Sunday Worship is only a part of the provision for the English-speaking international community in and around Bordeaux. The clergy lead baptisms, weddings and funerals, sometimes for non-worshippers. Together with many others they give pastoral care to the sick and bereaved. They are naturally often involved when visitors fall ill or are in difficulty whilst within the region.

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Origine du projet

After several years of planning and work we celebrate the arrival of Rev'd Charlotte Sullivan as the resident Priest in Bordeaux.  To support the stipend (ie salary) and running costs, we need to raise 50,000€ per annum to enable Bordeaux and the Chaplaincy of Aquitainne to exist and more to enable growth.

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A quoi servira l'argent collecté ?

The money you give will be used to fund the expenses which include:

Clergy salary, housing costs (property taxes, utilities, maintenance, internet and phone), travel, Sunday School support, Youth Group support and other expenses.

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