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Make our conference available to all by financially supporting 25 students from developing countries to participate to FERMUN

Since several months, we have been working on our next conference, that will be held in January at the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva. During three days, six hundreds students from fifty schools - twenty two countries - four continents will meet to debate around two main themes:

  • human rights
  • intellectual property and its role in development

This requires a lot of logistics and preparation but we are motivated and determined !

We are already in contact with them and are supporting them in establishing their own Model UN debate club.

This requires a lot of logistics and preparation but we are motivated and determined !

We take into consideration the opportunity that we have and  therefore we put in all the effort needed to achieve it. It is a chance that we are able to organize a wide extent conference and want  to share it around. Last year, we were able to bring four students from Kenya. But, for FerMUN 2017, we would like to challenge ourselves by bringing  25 students, this time from two separate mixed gender schools from Senegal and Kenya.

We are therefore asking for your support to make this project possible. The entirety of the collected sum will be allocated to the bringing of the Endana Secondary School (Nanyuki KENYA) students and the Demba Diop Mbour Lycée (Saly, SENEGAL).  We are also carrying out fundraisers in our local supermarkets.

To finance the visit of one student, 800 euros are needed (taking into account the plane ticket, the conference, the accommodation).

The FerMUN conference is organized by a team of twenty five students from the International Lycee of Ferney Voltaire (France) with the guidance of five adults.

Visit our site www.fermun.org

Ils s'engagent à nos côtés !

James Bingham - 100 €

Anonyme - 50 €

Anonyme - 150 €

Beatrice Andrieux - 50 €

Torsten Bartsch - 500 €

Vive FerMUN! We love Endana!

Vincent JACQUET - 50 €

Sara Luzzatto - 10 €

Margot TANDEO - 100 €

Ndoye Abdoulaye - 20 €

Sacha Krajcik - 10 €

Michel Charrayre - 5 €

1 045 €
sur 10 000 €
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Donner 300 euros

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