The Last Girl First - Coalition pour l'Abolition de la Prostitution

Help bring survivors, youth, frontline NGOs and other activists together to talk about sexual exploitation of the marginalised "last girl".

The Last Girl First: second world congress against sexual exploitation of women & girls

In January 2017, we are bringing together survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking in human beings from all over the world, representatives of frontline NGOs operating in the South Asia region, parliamentarians from several countries, representatives of trade unions, representatives of domestic and international anti-trafficking organizations and more for the second World congress against the sexual exploitation of women and girls. This 3-day event will be held in New Delhi and will gather 250 participants from 30 countries and 5 continents.

In order to make it a success and to offer an opportunity for all to attend the congress, we need your support! 

Your donation will help to bring together leaders of communities who are disproportionately affected by sexual exploitation. This includes indigenous communities, low-caste communities, migrant women, and youth.

Check out the latest programme outline and speaker updates on our website:



By making a 800 USD / Rs 53 000 donation, you will allow a survivor of sexual exploitation

from South Asia to attend the congress.


By making a 1000 USD / Rs 66 250 donation, you can offer a conference kit to all participants.


By making a 1400 USD / Rs 95 000 donation, you will allow an international young abolitionist leader

to attend the congress.


By making a 1500 USD / Rs 100 000 donation, you can offer a conference lunch for all speakers.

For more information and programme outline:

Donner 800 euros

Attendance of one survivor of sexual exploitation from South Asia

Donner 1000 euros

Conference kit for all participants

Donner 1400 euros

Attendance of one young abolitionist leader

Donner 1500 euros

Conference lunch for all speakers