CoDA (Community Development Association)

Lao non-profit organization

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Notre mission

CoDA is a non-profit organization. It is located in Laos in the provinces of Vientiane and Savannakhet and operates mainly in remote villages.


Its aim is to assist vulnerable and isolated communities through the development of agriculture and education in a sustainable and equitable manner.

History of CoDA : 


  • 2003 : Exploratory plans initiated to establish the association

  • 2004 : Feasibility study and team building started

  • 2005 : Writing of statues and regulation (26/08/2005 By law) Temporary certificate 06/09/2006 for operations granted frolm LUSEA

  • 2010 : Proposal writing for the new registration to PACSA

  • 2012 : First draft of CoDA Strategic Plan fot 2012-2015

  • 2015 : Revision of CoDA Strategic plan for 2015-2018

"CoDA strenghtened as learning center for community and environnement development in sustainable way."

Our Vision

Vulnerable communities in Laos are empowered for attaining prosperous and happy life through sustainable and gender participatory development.

Our Objectives

Ensure that : 


  • People have sufficient and nutritious food, stable income and rich natural resources

  • Women are empowered, recognized and given equal rights to fully participate in decision making processes for community development

  • Target communities access to basic education, health information, clean water and healthy consumption

  • The association is strong, stable and well recognized in society ( Laos and internationally) 

Our Mission

Our association has the commitment to develop and promote agriculture products linked to sustainable market, empower women in local participatory development, support communities to access to basic education and basic health in parallel with strengthening of the association and partner organizations.

Siège social

Saphantai Street 03, House No 462, Unit No 01, Kaysonephomvihane district 13000 Savannakhet

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