Betania - Dakar (English version)

par Cohérence

Betania - Dakar (English version)

par Cohérence

Social integration of street boys in Dakar Senegal

Coherence supports a program of social integration through job training in Dakar Senegal. Betania offers a second chance to "talibes,"  adolescents living on the street and forced to live by begging.  

A welcome center was created to give street boys a shelter from the madness of living on the streets of Dakar. In this day center the young men can shower, wash their clothing, receive medical care and eat a hot meal.

For those who chose to leave the street, a support structure is in place to help them grow personally and receive a first job experience in a Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant.  This restaurant is a social enterprise, providing training and giving the young men their first job. This in turn allows them to become responsible members of society.

To help this great project become sustainable, Cohérence is raising 12,000 euros.

These funds will purchase solar panels. The electricity generated by the solar panels will save 50% of the restaurant's electricity bill. The resulting savings of $400 to $500 per month will be reinvested into stabilize the budget of the welcome center.  

Watch the video (in French)

Your donation toward the purchase of solar panels will help make this successful project sustainable and create jobs for former street boys. 

Thank you for making a donation today. 


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