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We invite you to give a gift to the Earth this holiday season, by contributing to environmental and social resilience in Mexico or Haiti through the planting of multifunctional trees!  

 A donation of 20€ ensures the survival of at least two trees after 50 years.  We came up with this equation by first asking “how would nature plant trees?”.  As nature is a careful operator, especially when it comes to trees, we erred on the side of carefulness and factored in large security buffers in our calculations, so as to be fully confident we can deliver the intended results. 

Our small-scale, high-impact agroforestry projects focus on reforestation with the Maya Nut Tree due to its numerous benefits.  Just imagine: over the long-term the benefits of the trees you help plant will extend far beyond their trunks and branches.  They will support conditions conducive to life by helping to improve the livelihoods of rural communities who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, support the regeneration of local biodiversity and soil systems, reinforce the health of local flora and fauna (including native bee species), sequester carbon in the soil around their root systems for tens to hundreds of thousands of years, and provide a myriad of other natural, socioeconomic and even cultural services, many of which modern science is still in the process of uncovering.

Please visit our website to learn more about the Maya Nut Tree and our activities:

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