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par Competition961

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This crowdfunding was created for the application of the competition_961 - The entry fees are 10€ euros or equivalent

Presentation of the project

By creating a coalition of international associations and volunteers that brings together several trades (architects, designers, planners, fab lab) to undertake and create together the new city of Beirut. All the actors of this project will try to rethink a way to build by combining new technologies and already existing materials while upgrading local know-how.

Origin of the project

On August 4, 2020, a double explosion ravaged the port of Beirut and destroyed half of the city. As the city is in a state of emergency, Lebanon needs help to rebuild its infrastructure by managing the economic and health crisis the country is going through. Therefore, we would like to help this wounded city.

Our Team

We are a multicultural, complementary team in research work sessions around art, design, architecture and urban planning. We have common interest in implementing FAB CITY criteria in ecological precariousness areas.

What will the money collected be used for?

The money collected will be used to reward the competition winner as well as the juries. 

Donner 10 euros

Competition entry fee

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