Support the DA-France Veterans and Military Families Caucus

par Democrats Abroad France

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Support the DA-France Veterans and Military Families Caucus

par Democrats Abroad France

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Join the members of the VMFC in our efforts to register American voters living abroad to bring the Blue Wave in 2020!

Our Mission

The Veterans and Military Families Caucus (VMFC) is dedicated to the civic engagement of veterans Americans living abroad. From recent arrivals to more established expats, everyone is welcome to join our community and common cause.  

Why Donate

To continue delivering the necessary resources to our communities to drive their participation in American democracy, we need your support.

Each year, the VMFC  holds numerous events, offers voter assistance to Americans, works to connect the veterans in the American expat community to resources relating to civic life in the US, and helps to fund national advertising campaigns to drive awareness of our cause. 

Our organization’s events, assistance, and support for Americans abroad empower American citizens to participate in American civic life. We need your help to engage our community to continue the traditions of a democracy with the world’s longest surviving written charter of government. 

Our Projects

When you donate to Democrats Abroad,  you are investing in the resources necessary to connect Americans abroad to their home state to ensure they have the opportunity to exercise their civic duty. Each dollar or euro donated converts to one American, freshly re-connected to their home state, and voting in the election. This one-to-one relationship is our superpower: Donations to Democrats Abroad are one of the most effective ways for Americans to have their voices heard and make a difference in 2020. Every dollar has an impact. We hope you will join us in empowering Americans abroad to participate in their democracy. 

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