This is a pre-sale DVD for the documentary "DON'T PANIK" by Keira Maameri.

par Derniers de la classe productions

This is a pre-sale DVD. So those who purchased these pre-sale DVD’s will receive the first batch of them before any others.


This is a pre-sale DVD. So those who purchased these pre-sale DVD’s will receive the first batch of them before any others.

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Don’t Panik is a documentary that captures Muslim rappers’ positions regarding identity, religion and rap as public figures, through questions brought out by film director, Keira Maameri.

The subject explores the conflicts that artists face concerning spiritual beliefs and professional practices, a common bone of contention in the Muslim community where the profession is often judged sinful, as well as occidental culture that categorizes them as proselytes.
The documentary depicts the perspectives of six international MCs : ADL (Sweden), Doug E Tee (Senegal), Hasan Salaam (USA), Manza (Belgium), Medine (France) and Youss (Algeria).
The honesty and intimacy with which the artists describe their development, doubts or beliefs is a key ingredient of this bright testimony, where personal experiences lead to a more global dimension.

Don’t Panik is a subtly built contribution to contemporary issues concerning art and religion in the 21st century.


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Derniers de la classe (2DLC) is an association motivated by its concern for the development of Hip Hop. It mainly serves hip hop musicians, but also supports other artistic endeavors. It offers, to people in the spirit of solidarity, the know-how of its founders. Specializing in the audiovisual arts, multimedia and graphic design, 2DLC is able to support, promote and enhance the profiles of the movement's cultural activities and activists. Founded in 2004 by two people passionate about this counter-culture, Helene and Regis Ametis, the association is for them an important step in their project's development. Joined soon after by Keira Maameri, this trio defines itself through artistic practice and each's own professional training. Helene Ametis has been a dancer since 1997 and is an audiovisual editor. Regis Ametis has been a street artist since 1998 and is also a web designer. Keira Maameri has been making her own and others' films since 2004 and has a masters degree in Cinema.

Thus, each of the three founders brings complementary skills and knowledge required for a serious and committed approach to Hip Hop promotion.

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