Help us to open the first democratic school in the Tarn… !

par École Démocratique du Tarn

Faire un don

Help us to open the first democratic school in the Tarn… !

par École Démocratique du Tarn

Faire un don

Help us to provide a warm welcome to our first young members !

Dear english-speaker friends and family,

This is a translation of our crowdfunding page - enjoy the reading, and if you feel like making a donation, please do it on the french page HERE !

The basis for our project is hours spent alongside children, in the classroom, on camps, and the desire to provide a meaningful framework for them. To give them space to find and explore themselves, guidelines to understand what they are going through and time to find and follow their passions.

The basis for our project is a need for coherence between our aspirations for a fairer society and the guiding principles of education.

And then there is the synergy and energy of three people :

Passionate and determined, we started this project three years ago. Networking with others democratic schools in France and Europe through EUDEC, we've fed and developped our project thanks to many experience sharing and discussions.

Along the way we’ve met with much support and encouragment, been through many ups and downs and have, at last, set our bags in Loupiac, a small village with a big potential.

From 20th May we will open our doors to young members, and on the 24th May we will celebrate the opening of the first democratique school in the Tarn.

In summary, we want to ensure the following:

However old we are, we are able to know what is good for us and how to thrive through learning and interaction. The variety of life-experience can flourish when each and every one is heard and included : to enable this, there is nothing like daily dose of democracy !

                                                             To find more about our project

                                                                              VISIT OUR WEBSITE !


We have an enthousiastic team, motivated volunteers, keen parents, intrigued children … To accomodate all these people we need to renovate this 240m2 space :

  • by gifting directly online using this site : CLICK HERE TO ACCESS FRENCH PAGE

  • by doing a bank transfer to [IBAN DE L'ÉCOLE : FR76 4255 9100 0008 0191 5126 020]

Our organisation is a not for profit charity that enables you to claim 66 % of the tax back on your tax return form and 60 % for businesses.

Help us to disseminate our campaign !

  • By sharing our information throughout the process (email, facebook, website…)

  • by talking abou the project to those around you : friends, family, neighbours, local shops and businesses...anybody and everybody could be interested in this project and decide to support us !

Donner 5 euros

That’s 400 screws!

Thank you !!! Your name and surname will feature on our website !

Donner 10 euros

That’s a bag of polyfilla!

An invitation to and a drink at our fundraising event in september 2019 !

Donner 30 euros

That’s 4 shuttering boards!

A signed piece of cork and a booklet about democratic schooling ! Your tax deductable donation amounts to 10€

Donner 50 euros

That’s 32 partition wall rails!

3 homemade cookies and an A3 laminated poster about emotions or non-violent communication© ! Your tax deductable donation amounts to 17€

Donner 80 euros

That’s 33 plaster boards!

An equine therapy session for a child of 3-7 years OR an artists painted postcard-sized portrait of yourself from a photograph, Your tax deductable donation amounts to 27,20€ (8 restants)

Donner 100 euros

That’s 120m² of paint!

A book about democratic schooling (french versions) :Free to learn or L’école de la liberté. Your tax deductable donation amounts to 33,40€

Donner 200 euros

That’s 21m of insulation!

An awareness-raising workshop about the effect of screens ! Your tax deductable donation amounts to 66,70€

Donner 500 euros

That’s 20m² of cork flooring!

An awareness-raising workshop on the Constructive Transformation of Conflicts ® ! Your tax deductable donation amounts to 166,50€

Donner 1000 euros

That’s the deposit for the lease of the school building!

An immersion in the school for a day + 2 other options of your choosing. Your tax deductable donation amounts to 333,40€

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