EGAM breaking borders in Europe since 2010

par EGAM

EGAM breaking borders in Europe since 2010

par EGAM

For a Europe free from racism and anti-Semitism

Europe is today threatened by a worrying rise in racist violence and discourses. Far right parties are getting more and more influential, ruling parties are recycling xenophobic ideas for political purposes and ethnic minorities are regularly pointed at, attacked or murdered.

It appears that fundamental values are today deeply at risk. EGAM commits itself to ally the main organizations combating racism in Europe in order to structure a European response to this trend. In this fight, we deeply need support in order to push for actions, lobby the institutions and empower Human Rights Defenders.

The fight for freedom and Human Rights concerns you, Be part of it.

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Association EGAM


The European Grassroots Antiracist Movement EGAM was founded in November 2010 in Paris .Its main objective is to answer the rise in racism, antisemitism and populism in Europe and to structure civil society’s commitment to equality and justice.