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Elev is a collective of artists and thinkers based between Reims and Paris, created in March 2019 by several students.  It grows by 30 souls (18-30 years old) at the start  of each new season (November - May), coming from different schools and works to use art as a means of political reflection through a common project and create a united community with an international aim. Each year, a new collective project (which consist in translating intellectual research into a collaborative work of art) as well as meetings born. Beyond everything, the idea started from a reflection: what if young artists and thinkers from all over the world could integrate a community whose members support each other in their personal projects, aiming for self-sufficiency?


"Éleves tes mots, pas ta voix. C'est la pluie qui fait pousser les fleurs, pas le tonnerre." Rumi

Elev has the legal status of an association under the 1901 law.