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Creation of a Computer Lab in a Hmong Ethnic Village, Laos

par Enfants du Laos

Support the construction of a computer school and language teaching for Laotian tribes children

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A Sustainable Project


The project is divided into several stages, which will be gradually implemented depending on funding and private donations. Our small and dynamic team will follow the project throughout its whole duration, thus, you will always be in contact with the same interlocutors.

1/ Analysis, design, project estimation, search for financing and partners / current stage

2/ Construction of the building (structural work and finishing work)

3/ Installation of furniture and computer equipment (for about 15 students)

4/ Teaching and local teacher Training

Construction will start during the dry season to avoid rainfalls to stop our process. Initially, a local team of workers will be in charge of assembling the materials and carrying out certain structural works (especially those requiring drying times) such as site preparation, foundations, concrete columns or prefabricated concrete slabs and timber framing. Once completed, teams of volunteers will be able to go to the village to participate to the construction of the structural work left (roofing works, masonry ...) and begin the finishing work, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, painting, coating ...). All this stage will be organized with a constant follow-up by the association to ensure the proper realization of the computer lab.

Once the construction of the premises is completed, we will furnish the room and then the installation of the computer equipment will begin. Internet access via 3G will also be set up. Facilities will require regular maintenance. We can count on our partner Phongsavanh IT Center to supply the equipment and manage technical maintenance. Access to drinking water will also be provided to students. We noticed that it was often lacking in the villages and therefore children drink water from the river.

Once the room is operational, a Franco-Laotian pair of students from the Clermont-Ferrand Business School and the University of Luang Prabang will come to the village to teach the languages and IT tools to children. An alternation between several teams will be set: 15 days in our offices in Luang Prabang and 15 days in the village. We believe that this organization is preferable because of the basic living conditions there.

Project Background

Localisation : Northern Laos, province of Luang Prabang, a remote village near the small city of NongKhiaw.

The Nam Ou valley is a developing area, increasing tourism, easily accessible from Luang Prabang. Thus, it’s only 3 hours far from our offices driving on the National 13, which allows us to easily get there. Moreover, we know the region perfectly, from the jungle to the rice fields, from the small trails to the isolated villages, thanks to our partner Offroad agency which organizes many treks and surveys in this area.

During these expeditions, we noticed an important need to develop education. We want to give a chance to these children who are interested in studies to get a better future.Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world. About 60% of the population lives below the poverty line. Even today, only 1 in 2 children can afford to go to college, therefore, a majority of children leave school very early (around at 8 years old).

More info : https://www.enfantsdulaos.org/

What will the money collected be used for ?

Our objective is to build a computer room equipped with fifteen computers in order to develop the IT learning in the remote areas of Laos.

The sketch of the computer room is based on a classical module of a Laotian classroom. This offers more flexibility in its integration with an already existing school and in a possible reconversion in a distant future. We are also looking for simple implementation, using local materials and building knowledges of local people. Laotian standards related to seismic, paracyclonic, etc. are taken into account.

Characteristics of the computer room : Maximum capacity: 22 students - Dimensions: 8 x 7 mx H 5,35 m - Number of floor: 1 - Floor area: 39.40 m² (6.8 x 5.8 m) + 14 m² open terrace (2 x 7 m). 

Supplies : 15 computers - Basic desks (module 60 x 120 cm) - 23 seats - 1 desk for the teacher (60 x 120 cm) - 1 air conditioning system to avoid overheating due to computers - 1 large screen to relay the teacher’s computer screen to students - 1 low storage piece of fourniture for the screen - 1 board (120 x 180 cm)


Our Team

For the past 10 years, we have organized regular donations according to the needs of locals (school furniture. clothes, glasses,...) with the help of our travel agency Off Road Laos AdventuresThese actions are useful, but we regret that they don't have long term effects. In order to transform our approach toward a sustainable and deepen support to the villages, we decided to create a humanitarian structure  : Enfants du Laos / Children of Laos. With this association, we want to provide a better education to children so they can be more independent and choose their future. To succeed, we rely on our experience and our relationship with the villagers. Our team and partners are involved into projects for their entire duration.

Donner 20 euros

Ex : Price for 100 concrete blocks

Regular emails about the project

Donner 50 euros

Ex : Price for 1 paint bucket of 40 liters

Your name on the school board as donator

Donner 100 euros

Ex : Salary of a worker for 1 month

Your name on the school board as donator + 1 PDF book about Laos

Donner 150 euros

Ex : 3 concrete posts

Your name on the school board as donator + 1 PDF book about Laos

Donner 562 euros

Ex : Price for 1 computer post (computer, desk, chair)

Your name on the school board as donator + 1 PDF book about Laos + 1 relationship with a student

Donner 1000 euros

Ex : Price for the full furniture of the school (desk, chair)

Your name on the school board as donator + 1 PDF book about Laos + 1 relationship with a student

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