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Erasmus Card ELIM

par Erasmus Lille :International Movement

Adhésion valable du 01/09/2018 au 30/06/2019

La date limite d’adhésion est dépassée !

Pour plus d’informations, rapprochez-vous de l’association organisatrice

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Erasmus Card ELIM - Erasmus Lille :International Movement

Erasmus Card ELIM

Become a member of our community for only 10€ ! By becoming a member of the community you will meet people from all over the world, you will discover unusual places, you will live beautiful experiences and you will build good friendships!

Member card benefits (validity = 12 months) :
become a member of ELIM association
✔ Discount in your city 
✔ Free entry for some outing and activities; 
✔ Activities only for you and private sale;
✔ Special prices for the Erasmus weekends; 
✔ Offer of the moment: cut prices or benefits!

 to pay (click on I do not wish to leave a tip) 

Get your card back in our office (10 rue curé saint-étienne) 

Become a member or an active member of our community ! It's cool and easy !

Do you have a talent or a skill? Help us and our structure with it by becoming a member, organizer/creator or an ambassador !

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