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Les WBL d'EST'elles Alsace #1

par EST'elles Executive

Le 22 mai 2018 de 12:15 à 13:45

Les WBL d'EST'elles Alsace #1 - EST'elles Executive

Les WBL d'EST'elles Alsace #1

Do you have a local and a global strategy?

What are the benefits of being a GLOCAL player?

Do you have a local and an international strategy for your business and for your own personal development? How do you become a glocal player?  Speak your mind, live your story and develop an area of expertise. Give meaning to values you believe in, and share those values locally and internationally.

Krista Finstad-Milion, co-founder and President of EST’elles Executive, professor and researcher at ICN Business School, leads a highly interactive discussion with other EEE members and participants on what it takes to be a glocal player today, to what extent they are glocal players, and what moves it takes to become a glocal player.


14 rue du Faubourg de Saverne
67000 Strasbourg

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