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Resonance Crowdfunding

Discover the teaser of this musical adventure

Play a part in this new musical adventure: Illuminations!

During the season 2018-2020 you will receive invitations depending on your contribution for :
- either a concert
- A rehearsal
- A private session

Samuel Cattiau, countertenor singer, Quentin Dujardin, guitarist and composer, Matthieu Saglio, cellist, invite us to the discovery of ancient lyrics and to the illumination of new compositions with their next production : Illuminations

The initiative started with the album "Resonance" which was released in spring 2016. Our new album "Illuminations" brings a traditional  classical music universe to life. Our perspective goes beyond divisions and music classifications (medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, contemporary, jazz, world, current musics, etc.).  Music means music, whatever code we could think of. Our sources of inspiration and the foundation of our compositions are ancient lyrics. Then we intersect them with guitar melodies and other instruments. These sacred and profane texts come from a vast period of time going from the eleventh century to the seventeenth century, in France, Belgium, Holland, Northen Europe, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, …

About the album "Illuminations"

The album recorded in January 2018 in the Noirlac abbey (near Bourges, France), in a remarkable cistercian abbey of the XII th century. Released 2018, November.

Mes coordonnées

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Music and heritage

Each place is for us a sound dimension discovery of the texts, compositions and repertoires we are working on. We grasp harmonies from these spaces and volumes. These were built through eras for vocal art and music. Our repertoire is particularily adapted to cultural heritage, beauty, and sound architecture. Indeed, our music instruments are : churches, chapels, priories, cathedrals, basilicas, castles, ancient palaces, medinas, etc. but also secular and industrial buildings can be an idealistic setting for sounds and shows. We bring particular attention to each of those buildings in order to share our common passion for cultural heritage during our concerts:
- discover the resonances of the structures

- vibrate with the audience through a unique acoustic experience !

Concert tours

The "Illuminations" program will be booked in France, Belgium, and further away in famous cultural heritage buildings for the season 2018 > 2020.

Discover Resonance - Illuminations season

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Fundraising goal: € 30 000. November 11, 2018: € 19645 collected. We count on your donations!

The artistic team

Singing (countertenor, baritone) : Samuel Cattiau (France). Guitar: Quentin Dujardin (Belgium). Cello: Matthieu Saglio (Spain).
Invited musicians: Violin: Léo Ullmann (Belgium). Cornett: Doron David Sherwin (Italy). Percussions: Bijan Chemirani (France).

Technique: Sound recording, audio mix: Thierry Van Roy (Belgium).
Mastering: Manuel Mohino (Belgium).

Artistic direction : Samuel Cattiau and Quentin Dujardin. Music composed and arranged by Samuel Cattiau and Quentin Dujardin.
Executive producers: Estrella (France) and Agua music (Belgium).  Coproduction: Noirlac abbey – Cultural Meeting Centre, property of the Conseil Départemental du Cher (France).

100% of the collected sums are guaranteed for a 100% independent production !

Get involved in this ambitious artistic project by supporting the musical creation of this new repertoire. You can choose to participate in this crowdfunding by making a donation or supporting us regularly with a monthly donation via a pre-authorized debit during the whole crowdfunding period. Professionals: you can support us by giving donations.

Currently we don’t benefit from any public subsidies for this independent artistic project. Your donations will partially finance the album production: sound recordings, musical editings, audio mixes, masterings, films’ promotion direction, creation, manufacturing, discs pressing,…


Your are a professional, company or economic actor. You wish to contribute to the roll out of this artistic project in France, Belgium and internationally:

- associate the name of your company with the values of excellence thanks to this artistic project;

- enjoy exclusive advantages, free entrances, rehearsals invitations;

- support us by giving donations.

Become a partner member. Please contact Estrella.

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