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par Eudaimon ECP

Adhésion valable du 12/04/2021 au 12/04/2022

Become a member!

par Eudaimon ECP

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Youth Membership (Under 25 y.o. & student) | Free Price

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HelloAsso est une entreprise sociale et solidaire, qui fournit gratuitement ses technologies de paiement à l’organisme Eudaimon ECP. Une contribution au fonctionnement de HelloAsso, modifiable et facultative, vous sera proposée avant la validation de votre paiement.

Become a member!

By joining Eudaimon-ECP, it means that you support the emergence of global projects that aims to bring tools & awarness to spread sustainable solutions to everyone, globally, through 4 main projects :

  • Eudaimonpedia :  a participative, intuitive and playful platform with innovations, concepts and solutions applicable for a responsible lifestyle.  
  • Eudaimon Path : a spiritual & humanist international path, passing through all continents and the majority of countries, linking self & other discovery, as well as solidarity projects.  To support it, we are planning to make benefits program for globetrotters willing to make their journey impactful.
  • Changemakers’ Network : a global network of organisations, initatives and citizens – positive change oriented  
  • Smart City  : a 3D projection of a self-sufficient innovative city, research center & time capsule of humanity, recreating a viable ecosystem despite hostile climates and ensuring the well-being of its inhabitants and visitors, both on Earth and elsewhere.  As well as the creation in real life, of an ecovillage & sustainability research centre.

Our long term goal for the 21st century is to reach modern individual & collective renaissance: enable people to sustain being safe and happy in agreement with our planet.

As you might have understood, our core values are : 

  • Humanism : from respect for civilizational achievements to concern about the future of human population.  
  • Progress : those achievements do not lead nowhere. We want to see our civilisation getting as far as it can.
  • Unity :  if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far – go together  

To know more about us, we invite you to have a look on our website >>


Your membership is useful to us!

  • The more members we have, the more credible we are with the institutions and the potential partners that we must convince of the interest, if not the urgency, to make this renaissance.

  • Your memberships are a major financial resource for the NGO: all members of Eudaimon-ECP are volunteers and they often pay travel expenses (to meet officials & partners, join & give trainings, ...), printing materials,  etc. from their pocket. This is a way to lighten their financial burden. Also in permit us to organise events (debates, conferences, trainings, etc.), improve our platform & finance solidary projects.

For you, it's also the way to: 

  • Contribute to projects that makes sense and facilitate the emergence of solutions to the global environmental and social challenges of our time.
  • Participate in the operational side of the NGO, by participating for example in general meetings or by becoming an active volunteer.
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