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The future of European democracy vitally depends on renewed citizens' participation

It is not only the EU, representative democracy is undergoing a major crisis in Europe and beyond. In order to respond to the growing mistrust expressed throughout societies, CIVICO believes it is time to enable citizens to regain ownership over politics and bridge the gap between voters and elected representatives.

CIVICO therefore aims at empowering citizens through a positive, constructive, and truly participative process, placing them at the heart of the political dynamic. 

This process, which will transform Europe in the laboratory for the next sustainable step in democracy, is three-folds: 

  • CITIZENS will be directly consulted through the first trans-european consultation in order to reveal and gather their genuine priorities and concerns.
  • PARTNERED UNIVERSITIES throughout the EU will analyse these priorities and concerns to turn them into concrete and positive policy proposals with the help of workshops involving citizens and experts.
  • THE CIVICO ONLINE PLATFORM will be the interactive space hosting and documenting the results of the consultation and the universities’ work throughout the process. Citizens all over Europe will be able to engage with this content, offering their own input and perspective. After finalisation and fine-tuning, a vote will be hosted on the platform to consensually define a final body of proposals. 

At the end of this process, candidates from all political groups will be made to debate ahead of the 2019 European elections, and to take a stand on these truly bottom-up proposals born out of civic engagement.

CIVICO will then follow the proposals throughout their political blossoming in order to ensure that this unprecedented democratic process is taken into due consideration. This is the essence of the pact CIVICO makes with citizens: collective and independent action is the guarantee offered in exchange for your renewed participation. 

But for all of this to unfold, CIVICO needs you! It is thanks to your donations that we will reinvent the European democratic experience together, as a truly independent civic force.

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The CIVICO membership is open to all, without exception.

Whatever your background or nationality may be, we invite you to contact us at so that a member of our team can get in touch to help you become an actor of the change you want to see. 

Membership is free.

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