Fashion The New Way

Action sociale

Fashion the new way is an EDHEC international students association dedicated to raising awareness in sustainable fashion.

Nos actions en cours

Nous sommes actuellement en train de mettre en place nos prochaines initiatives. Revenez bientôt pour ne rien manquer !

Qui sommes-nous ?

The main goal of our project is to promote sustainable and eco-friendly brands. We also want to convince the consumer of fashion, that sustainability in fashion is just as important as in other areas of life. Our mission is to work towards making sustainable fashion the norm, instead of fast fashion. Additionally, with the profits raised with our project, we want to support and invest in our partner Fondation Oum Kelton. This foundation in Morocco gives women a chance to tell their stories through making clothes. We will also launch a sustainable collection together. This launch will also be featured in our magazine. The magazine will also have articles about the negative environmental effect of fast fashion as well as articles about high quality, affordable sustainable stores.