Land has been bought and project successfully finished, thank you very much!

par Femmes au Secours de la Paix

Faire un don

Land has been bought and project successfully finished, thank you very much!

par Femmes au Secours de la Paix

Faire un don
Land has been bought and project successfully finished, thank you very much! - Femmes au Secours de la Paix

Thanks to your help we could finish this beautiful project with a big success!

Help us to buy the land in front of the school so that we can build a fence and have a safe place for the children to play as well as be able to start the project of sack-gardening to feed the children.

Voici le lien pour les personnes francophones: 

Financement participatif pour les français au sujet de l'école Yonent Mame Ibrahima

All the results of this fundraising will go to  the buying of the land!

 Even though we don't give a substantial counterpart to thank you for your donation (as it is common with crowdfunding sites), your name will be put on the wall of the office of the school and you will be part of the great family connected to it, which means that we will keep in touch with you by mail concerning all our advancement of the project and will give you the premier of the project when it is finished!

News of the project: 

Ambroise has taken a second job to work in order to be able to borrow money so he could secure the buying of one land whose owner wanted to build a house on. 

He took time to exchange the land in front of the school with another land in order for them to keep the yard in front of the school. 
Every day he comes back around midnight to do his work plus the managing of the school. 

I feel very moved by his dedication to the school! 
We really count on you to help with the raising of the money so that we can buy the second land in front of the school and help Ambroise to give back the money borrowed for the first land.

As you can see in helloasso's page, enterprises  can also help us and play the north/south solidarity by matched-crowdfunding our campaign (the button to do so is below the donation boxes). CEOs can put the limit of the amount they want to "match-crowdfund". 

machted-crowdfunding humanitarian NGO

So if you know any enterprise who would like to help in this project, thank you for sharing them the link.

Our friends, Ambroise and Delaila Diagne, founders of "Yonent Mame Ibrahima" school, which we chose to help, previously worked 4 years to earn money to build this school in Senegal. They could have lived comfortably abroad but they chose to come back to Senegal, thinking that the future of their country is built by the children!

Famille Diagne

They could have built a school in a rich district of Dakar, but they chose to do it in one of the poorest districts, thinking of all the children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school, or those who are too old to be accepted in public schools in Senegal.

Ambroise bought land and started to build the school in 2008. That year they only had one floor and the school had only 3 classes.

L'école en 2008

Now the school has 3 floors and has 9 classrooms, one office and a toilette, as well as a big meeting room!

Victor premier projet au Sénégal

Victor helping with the renovation on our first project in 2015

School front all painted!

Ambroise also worked to buy other land to start to built a high school. 

The high school has now one floor with grades 6 and 7 as well as an office and toilets. 

On the ground floor he built two rooms to make two shops, so he could rent them as extra income for the school. 

Two floors remain to be built (for grades 8 and 9) and one floor to make a martial arts room (Ambroise is a judo champion and believes that sport can help create good character in children).

Le collège de l'école

The problem is that opposite the main school building, the land belongs to two different owners, who would like to build a house on their property. 

We cannot imagine a school without a schoolyard where children can run and play and do sports. 

In addition, we want to have room to do sack-gardening, thus growing vegetables to sustain the school.

Sport in front of the school

We decided to do all we can to buy those two properties, and Ambroise is in the process of bargaining with the owners to get a good price. 

One accepted to sell and the other to change to another property elsewhere.

We have to find 12,000€ to buy those two properties, which are more than 300 square meters!

That is why we need your help!

We plan to build a fence around this land, to protect the children, and the sack gardening project. 

Sack gardening  
sack gardening

The sack gardening project was created by "solidarity international' in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. 

It is a wonderful project which has allowed poor families to eat vegetables and to sell them, making their lives much better!

We will start this project in order to help the school to offer meals to the children and to sell the vegetables and make money to sustain the school. 

Cultivating sack gardens will also be one skill the children can learn in order to help their families to grow vegetables without using too much water and space and bring nutrition to their diet, which is consists of rice and sauces for the very poor.

Project Origin

In 2016 we had a crowdfunding to renovate the school. I (Benedicte) went to Keurmassar-Dakar with 8 young people and spent more than 10 days doing all kinds of very inspiring activities to help our friends, the Diagne family, who founded the school.

The young people arriving in Dakar airport

Our young people arriving at Dakar airport

With the participants of the project

Our team, on top of a hospital built by a courageous man who started from scratch, but who succeeded, with hard work and perseverance

With the children

Our young people giving prizes to the children at the school festival.

Last year we did fundraising, and thanks to your help, young people together with young Senegalese could help renovate the school. 

They put in new floor tiles for the two corridors of the school, painted the 2 high school classrooms, and the office and toilets in the high school building, and renovated and painted 40 benches. They worked very hard and i am really proud of them! Young people have this unconditional genuine character!

This year I will return with them to continue our renovation project, which is scheduled to continue until 2020.

Our young people painting in the high school building

Our young people painting the clasrooms of the high school building

Sara painting a bench

Sarah painting benches

carrying paint

One part of the paint

Doni breaking tiles

Doni breaking old tiles

Gilsun and Mishio making concrete

Mishio and Kilsun learning how to make concrete

Vittorio saying hello to us upstairs

Vittorio saying hello to us upstairs

Painting one room from the main building

Painting one room from the main building

Other activities having been done

Our young people also: 

  • Gave lectures about peace education to the children of the school. 
  • They visited historical places in Senegal to understand the history of this country. 
  • They took part of the end of year school feast and sang songs and gave to the children school material which they had collected and brought in their suitcases. 
  • They interviewed 50 children in need of sponsorship. You can see pictures of this beautiful project on our facebook page about this times:   facebook 

children classroom

Children classroom

School supplies

School supplies

Mishio prepares the packages of school material to give to the children

Mishio prepares the packages of school material to give to the children

The door of slaves

The door of the slaves, important place to see at the Goree island not to forget this dark time of our history!

Visit at Yacine's home

We could also visit the families of the children that we sponsor. It was very touching!

What will the money be used for?


The money of this fundraising will be used completely to buy the land in front of the school. If we can fulfill our goal, we can build the fence as well, so we can protect the garden and the children of the school!



This summer I am going back to Senegal with a team of young people to continue our project until we finish the renovation of the school. 

The young people will help to build the fence around the property, and install the sack garden. It will be a wonderful project but it is very important for us to have the land.

 That  is why your help is so precious to us!

Our team


Femmes au Secours de la Paix was founded on March 4,-2015.  It is our 3rd project in Senegal.

The first year we just sent a young man, Victor, one of my friend’s son.

The following year, Victor found us other young people. He talked about it to his friends and we had 8 young people who decided to come with me!

We prepared the project in cooperation with Ambroise and Delaila. The project was a real success and the adventure is continuing!

Our wonderful members of "Femmes au Secours de la Paix" (Women saving Peace)

our general assembly in february 2017

0ur general assembly in february 2017

Our ladies

Our ladies (i am very proud of them!)


You will have all information on our website(sorry in French) and our facebook page.

All our FSP members support this big project in Senegal. 

We have a team of 22 people, each one sponsoring a child in the school. This is a great help to Delaila and Ambroise, as it allows them to pay a part of the salaries for the teachers, and they can keep taking children whose parents cannot afford to pay  for the school. 

Fifty children out of the the 175 children enrolled need sponsorship!
We would like the school to become financially self-supporting. This is why we have a 4 years program.

This year we really need to buy the land in front of the school so that our project can go forward. We are counting on your great heart and help to succeed! 

Thank you ever so much!

Benedicte Suzuki (président) and all the team from FSP (Women Saving Peace)


Donner 20 euros

Give 20€, thank you for your gift which touches our heart

You are buying 1/2 square meters from the yard!

Donner 50 euros

Give 50€, thank you so much for your gift which we cannot forget!

You are buying more than 1 and 1/2 square meters from the yard!

Donner 100 euros

Give 100€! waou! we are so grateful for your heart!

Your name will be on the school, you are buying more than 2 square meters from the school!!

Donner 150 euros

Give 150€, thank you so much for this big effort!

We keep your name on the school, you are buying almost 4 square meters from the school!

Donner 500 euros

You give 500€! this is such a wonderful gift! If 24 people do that we are done!

Your name will be on our school, you bought 12 square meters of our school!

Donner 1000 euros

Amazing! You give 1000€! We just need 12 people to do that!

Because of you our collect is jumping forward and we cannot forget you!

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