Une école digne pour les enfants de Keur Massar, projet de nos jeunes bénévoles!

par Femmes au Secours de la Paix

Aider nous à envoyer dix jeunes pour un chantier rénovation de l'école Y. Mame Ibrahima à Keur Massar dans la banlieue pauvre de Dakar.

«Ouvrez des écoles, vous fermerez des prisons!»                      Victor Hugo

Help us to send 9 young people for a service project in Keur Massar's school Yonent Mame Ibrahima near Dakar Senegal!

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Nous avons maintenant 9 jeunes, prêts à partir avec moi pour notre projet de rénovation de la petite école Yonent Mame Ibrahima à Keur Massar, près de Dakar!

We have now 9 young people ready to come with me to help renovate the Yonent Mame Ibrahima school  located in the poor suburb of Dakar.

Les enfants de l'école ont très envie d'étudier bien que leurs classes ne soient pas aussi belles que les classes des jeunes occidentaux et bien qu'ils aient souvent le ventre vide!

The children from the school really want to study eventhough their classrooms are not as beautiful as the classrooms in a western school  and eventhough they go to school most of the time with empty stomach.


 Une des 9 classes de primaire que nous voulons rénover cet été
One of the 9 classrooms from primary school we would like to renovate this summer


Une des classes que nous voulons rénover pour qu'elle soit plus digne pour accueillir les enfants à la rentrée
One of the classroom with the children. We would like this classroom to be more dignified for the children when they come in september.


Victor, a french boy from Lesquin (north of France) went there last year to represent our association. He went there with some money we had collected as well as with a video-projector we bought for the school. With some young people from Senegal they renovated the 10th room of the school to make a new class for the first middle school class. He also helped to renovate the front facade of the school.
As the classrooms did not have any blackboards, they could build 6 blackboards.

Victor avec Delaila en août 2015 pendant une petite pause en train de rénover  la nouvelle classe pour les sixièmes à la rentrée.
Victor with Delaila in august 2015, taking a break during the renovation for the new junior high school classroom getting ready for september 2015.

Victor was so inspired that he decided to come back again this year. And together with 9 other young people. We want to renovate the 9 classrooms which are in a bad state and buy 200 benches with metallic structures to replace the old ones which are in a real bad condition.

Les bancs que nous voulons acheter sont des bancs d'occasion mais avec structure métallique, ils coûtent 12€ le banc (un banc neuf fait entre 30 et 40€ ce qui est trop coûteux pour nous), donc nous voulons acheter ce type de banc solide et le rénover.
The benches which we want to buy are second hand benches but with a metallic structure, they cost 12€ each (a new bench cost between 30 to 40€ which is too much for us), and we want to buy them and renovate them.

    Origin of the project!

We are 5 women at the origin of the project. With us 5 we embrace 5 countries!
Caroline our secretary is from Chili; Anissa our book keeper is from Marocco; Helen our vice-book keeper is from the USA; Lanto our vice-secretary is from Madagascar and i am french, a chti from Courrières in Pas de Calais but we all live in the north of France in the aerea of Lille.

Anissa notre trésorière au cours d'une braderie : Anissa our book keeper      Lanto, secrétaire-adjointe: Lanto our vice-secretary

Caroline notre secrétaire et moi (présidente) au cours d'une braderie.....   Et Helen notre trésorière adjointe:-)
Caroline our secretary with me the president during a market sale..............And Helen our vice-book keeper

We created "Women Saving Peace" (Femmes au Secours de la Paix) (name found by Christophe, Anissa's husband when we had a brainstorming at Anissa's place, and accepted by the 5 of us) to allow women to help others.
Because we believe in the great potential of women in our time with her qualities of empathie, love and endurance during the most difficult situations.

Merci à mon petit frère Olivier pour nous avoir créé notre merveilleux logo!
Thank you to my younger brother Olivier for creating for us a wonderful logo!

Then  Martine joined us followed by Jocelyne, Nanette, Nathalie, Safia, Malika, Meriam, Véronque, Edith, Claudine, Heidi, Rafika, Assétou, Patricia, Christiane ect..

We have other local activities but we wanted to have a project in developping countries that would be centered on children education.
Then one of my friend who is directing a small school with her husband sent us a calling. The association which was helping them had stopped suddenly all the sponsorship of the children.

It was very difficult for them, they had to pay the teachers and find other sponsors for the children.
When i started to talk through facebook with my friend Delaila (she is from Philipine but married to a senegaleese man and they have 3 children)
i went to the facebook page of the school and could see the classrooms which were quite miserable compared to ours in the west. 
I saw also the neighborhood  of the school and this terrible city garbage dumb where children who don't go to school are going; i decided this
would be part of our big project.

 Ambroise, Delaila et leurs trois enfants l'année dernière.
Ambroise, Delaila and their 3 children last year.

En 2008 l'école n'avait que 3 classes de maternelle! En 2016 elle compte 175 enfants, 9 classes de primaire et une classe de 6ème dans le bâtiment le plus grand, et dans un nouveau bâtiment au premier étage il y aura une classe de 6ème et une de 5ème pour la rentrée 2016!
In 2008, the school had only 3 kindergarden classes. In 2016 it has 150 children, 9 classes for primary school and one class for junior high school.
Plus there is an extension being built where there will be 2 more junior high school classes.

Then we started to look for sponsors for the children of the school and some of our members decided to sponsor a child and we also had other friends from other
aera who joined.

Au cours d'une distribution de nourriture pour les enfants qui viennent à l'école le ventre vide
During distribution of food for the children who come to school many time without having eaten.

Now we want to allow young people to set their foot on african soil with Victor and experiment the hapiness to help a school to developp in this puar aera 
giving the chance to those children to have a more light future!
Also it is important that children can study in a clean and renovated class and that they can sit down safely on a solid bench.

I will go with these young people and some of them will be able to meet for the first time the child they are sponsoring! 
The young people will discover the history of Senegal and will visit certain historical places (like the Gore island)

As we can bring two suitcases of 23kg each, we will bring also school material, bagpack for the children as well as vitamines. If you consider giving such material
thank you to let us know so that we can get in contact. We thank you in advance for that!

Ici une classe reçoit d'un donateur des cahiers et des stylos!
Here a class received in the past notebooks and pens!

C'est la fête quand un enfant reçoit un sac à dos écolier d'un parrain ou d'une marraine!!
It is a feast when a child receives a school bagpack from a sponsor!

    The money we will collect will be used for:

  1. 1800€ for the painting material of the 9 classes of the main building and 2 classes of the new high school building (we will give work to 4 senegaleese professionnal to help our young people).
  1. 3600€ to buy and renovate 200 metallic benches

Façade de l'école repeinte au cours de notre premier projet l'année dernière avec Victor un jeune du nord, 
nous allons peindre cet été les 9 classes et les couloirs à l'intérieur.
This is the facade of the school which we renovated last year with Victor, this year the young people will
paint the 9 classes inside the building.

Collège annexe en construction qui sera fini quand nous serons là-bas en juillet et que nous allons peindre
This is the new high school building we will paint it when we come there.

L'annexe de l'école qui va devenir le collège, l'année dernière. Cette année il devrait être terminé et nous allons le peindre. 
This is the new junior high school building. We are going to paint it this summer.

3) 1800€ for food and lodging of our team , 9 young people and one adult from the West and 8 from Dakar who will help (we will employ
two ladies to cook for us)
4)1000€ for  airplane tickets and we would like to help more young people with their ticket if we can have more money
5) The company of one participant, "Apinature" has promise to give 20 bottles of high quality spirulina for the children of Keur Massar!!!! Thanks a lot "Apinature"!!

If we can have more money we will bring our young people to more historic places of Senegal at least we plan to schow them
Gore Island and lac rose but if we can schow them more it would be good for them 

Maison des esclaves dans l'île de Gorée, lac rose...ect

That is why we are doing this collect. We thank all of you to help us, even a small amount is not a problem every drops of water makes the sea!
Every person who will have given to this project will be invited in september when we will do a feast to schow the pictures of our project!

Thank you so much to share this page to all your friends and to talk about it, we now have 10 days left to collect this money and will let you know about
the coming out of the project. If we have enough for the paint we need now to buy the benches which is very important for the classrooms!!!

La plupart des enfants sur cette photo ont trouvé des marraines grâce à nos adhérentes et à nos bénévoles, mais il y en a encore beaucoup
Most of the children on this page have found a sponsor but there are still so many who need one!

Voici ce que deviennent la plupart des enfants  des familles pauvres qui ne peuvent pas aller à l'école! Ils fouillent la décharge
de Mbeubeuss, entre Malika et Keurmassar pour trouver des objets à vendre
This is what most of the children from puar families will be doing if they cannot go to school!
Your help might help their destiny!

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(Alter ego et notre amie Dorothée Dufour, qui a aussi un programme au Sénégal comme nous cet été avec des jeunes lycéens)

Api-Nature et le chef de Gilsun Dedours (un jeune qui part avec nous) MonsieurManuel Campillo

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