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FFIPP – Education Network for Human Rights is Palestine/Israel

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FFIPP[1] is a non-profit, non-governmental international organisation that acts as an educational network for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel. There are two main structural components of the program: There is the five-week summer program where students go on the ground and the subsequent involvement in the local FFIPP chapters.

During the first week, the “Orientation Week”, of the summer program the focus lies on acquiring as much knowledge as possible about the different struggles faced by people in Israel and Palestine in their daily lives to understand the complexity of the conflict. The following four weeks are dedicated to a more individualised form of learning. Each participant is placed in an organisation in Israel or Palestine for a four-week internship based on the personal skills and preferences of each participant. This allows them to gain more knowledge in a different setting as well as lend some support to a local organisation in their work.

After the summer program, back in their local chapters, the students then focus on deepening their knowledge about the situation to get a more thorough understanding, which they share with others. They draw public attention to the persisting conflict in the region by sharing their experiences and acquired knowledge as well as by organising public events such as conferences or exhibitions. Under no circumstances does FFIPP want to speak for the people affected by the occupation; instead, these events represent an opportunity to let them speak for themselves and share their stories because no one can tell them better than they can.

The core of FFIPP is its educational aspect that encourages its participants to listen, to revisit their preconceived ideas, to have an open mind, to broaden their horizon, to avoid simplifying and instead to try analysing and comprehending the reality in its complexity.

The educational aspect of FFIPP is however not limited to the content of the summer program. Staying involved after the summer program, especially as part of the elected board, provides an opportunity to develop and strengthen a variety of organisational skills while working together towards a common goal, be it in the local chapters or the European board.

[1] FFIPP is the old acronym that stands for “Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace” 

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