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FFIPP SUMMER PROGRAM 2019 - Make it happen


The FFIPP summer program is an intensive, on the ground learning experience with the primary goals of education

Our Project 

FFIPP – Education Network for Human Rights is Palestine/Israel – is in the process of organising its annual Summer Program. The program gives students the opportunity to go on the ground and learn directly from the people of Palestine and Israel about how the conflict affects their daily lives.

During the first part, the “Orientation Week”, participants are given the tools necessary to continue their individual learning process more independently. The second part of the program takes on a more practical approach, where the participants have the opportunity to do a four-week internship in one of FFIPP’s partner organisations in Israel or Palestine.

Finally, it is important to point out that the Summer Program is only the beginning of the students’ involvement with FFIPP, which then continues in the local chapters throughout the year.


The programm will take place from July 7th to August 11th 2019. 

Interactions with academics and students will take a more central place, and throughout the entire program international law should be the red thread. This requires a deeper engagement with the notions of Humanitarian and Human Rights Law, which will already begin during the preparation Weekend to allow a more efficient and detailed approach once on the ground. Greater focus will also be placed on education on the situation in Gaza, which last year’s program did not manage to include. 

The prep week-end will take place in June nearby Chateau Thierry. During the preparation weekend some time will also be dedicated to cultural sensitivity to improve cohesion of the group and respect towards the individuals and communities that will be encountered during the program.

For the recruitment of the participants, special attention will be paid to the availability after summer to make sure that the local chapters can function more efficiently and that continuity on the local as well as European level will be further improved.

When did this project started? 

FFIPP  was created in 2002 by Palestinian and Isreali acadamicians in order to supply the international public with extensive infirmation regarding the situation in Palestine and Israel. FFIPP was originally composed by academicians from Palestine, Israel, the US and Europe towards a common goal: establish dialogue and peace in the Middle-East by respecting International Law. Since then, the network extended to students and it is nowadays hos the organisation is organised. 

How will we use the money collected ?

This money will help us to : 

1. Give an opportunity to approximately 30 students all over the world to take part to the summer programm so has to raise awareness on the situation in Palestine and Israel, on general as well specific issues such as access to water, the illegal settlements, the international humanitarian law.... in the course of a 5-week programm on the ground,


2. Organise the meeting and the debate with a broad set of speakers from Palestine, Israel and from other countries that will enlight and share their expertise on different subjects in order to developp the critical mind of the students,


3. Strenghten the capacity and the audience of our local partners that are working with Palestinian and Israeli grassroots organisations to uphold the international Law and to build peace and promote dialogue between people.

Our team

The European board is democratically elected by all participants of the summer program and is responsible for organising the following year’s program. It therefore consists of students from all over Europe and North America, and is currently composed of the following members:

 Président : Sarah  (Amsterdam Chapter), BA Political Science and International Relations,   Amsterdam University College

Vice-President: Eesha (Swiss Chapter), MA International Affairs, Graduate Institute of International  and Development Studies (Geneva)

Secretary:  Joy (Swiss Chapter): BA International Relations, University of Geneva

Communication: Sofia Lindell (Amsterdam Chapter), Ba Political Science, University of Amsterdam

Treasurer: Jessica MA International Relations, University of Turin (Turino Chapter), Laura (Bordeaux Chapter) MA Political Science, Science Po Bordeaux



The most important principles for FFIPP – Educational Network for Human Rights in Palestine/Israel – are its educational core and the importance of international law. Furthermore, we want to ensure that the program is accessible to everyone regardless of their background. FFIPP would therefore be very grateful for your support to enable us to organise another successful summer program. This will allow us to provide an intense, enriching and educative experience to all of next year’s participants even with little financial means at their disposal. Moreover, the more inspiring the summer program will be, the more efficient and sustainable the work in the local chapters will be, which is the ultimate goal of the organisation.


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