Donate to support FLAX, a non-profit stitch café in Clermont-Ferrand, France

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What is a stitch café?

Here is a brief résumé of what appears on our French page. (If you'd like to take a look, use this link, you can see more photos there.)

Flax is first of all a place to enjoy hot or cold drinks and a bite to eat... (local, organic and fair trade at our place!). But you will often find knitting, sewing, embroidery, or mending going on as well. We also love collaborating on "yarnbombing" projets! Once or twice a week, we offer mini-workshops given by our volunteers on a "pay what you can" basis. Our main mission is to offer a comfortable and welcoming place for all types of people to meet, exchange and create together around the various textile arts.

Having worked with the International Festival of Extraordinary Textiles since 2012, leading quilting workshops in libraries and parks around the city, I noticed that people love to tell their personal stories - often sparked by the sight of someone working on a handmade garment or blanket - and they're curious to see how others go about it. I could see in this neglected neighborhood a potential for recreating these conditions, a new kind of place where people could get a taste of the "slow life"... you know, do some hand stitching, meet new people and chat for a while. 


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Why do we need your help?

In order to do the necessary work on the space we're renting and pay the first couple months of rent and utilities, we borrowed 11,500 Euros. And to keep the budget low we started out with lots of second-hand furniture and equipment. 

Sales at this point are practically covering our basic operating costs, but we must also begin reimbursing our debt and thinking about upgrades in the café.

We need to invest in better sewing machines, office equipment, and a vacuum cleaner, as well as extra radiators for the coming winter. And we've been working with a very limited communications budget but our needs are much greater (flyers, web site, event banners...).  First level: 4000€

A refrigerated pastry case would be wonderful, and a coffee machine upgrade as well.  Also we'd like to be able to hire a young person for an 8 month period through a government program beginning this fall, however this requires us to contribute 107€ per month to his or her pay, something we cannot afford at the moment. Finally, to be allowed to play music in the café means 550€ per year to the government agency which supports composers and musicians. 3000€

Ultimate goal: 7000€

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The team


I met Julie, who had a very similar idea, in 2016. We agreed on the main concept and decided to dive in together. Now operating with a 6 member board, we run on 100% volunteer fuel with a wonderful 30 person team! 

Open Wednesdays through Fridays, we split the day into two shifts of 4 hours, with 2 people on duty for each shift. Plus the inevitable cleaning and office work which needs to be done at other times.

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