Audencia Around the World – Solidarity Fund 2021

par Fondation Audencia

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Audencia Around the World – Solidarity Fund 2021

par Fondation Audencia

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Audencia Around the World – Solidarity Fund 2021

Now, more than ever, our students are in need of critical financial support. 

Objective for the 2021 Solidarity Fund:

  • Help Audencia students, international and French, who lost the job that allowed them to finance their living expenses (2/3 of students who had a job had to stop or reduce it during confinement).
  • To help students or their families who are facing brutal financial difficulties and who cannot receive aid from the state
  • To respond to the increase in the number of scholarship students, including international students in precarious economic situations (requests for student support increased by 60% in 2021).

Last April, the Audencia Foundation created a Solidarity Fund. Thanks to the mobilization of Alumni, the Foundation launched a campaign collecting 60 000+ euros. More than 150 students received solidarity grants. 

Again this year, faced with the growing and continuing needs facing our most financially vulnerable students, the Audencia Alumni network is committed to supporting our students with a second Solidary Fund campaign which will launch this April.

Ramping up to and during your AATW celebration, please consider including a mini-campaign to help students impacted by the pandemic.  

Ex, challenge your fellow Alumni to a donation challenge, set an objective for your chapter

Ex , raise 600€ during AATW to help pay one-month living expenses for a struggling student. 

This economic crisis is creating the loss of income due to the abrupt ending of an internship or a job, as well as isolation from their family and friends abroad.

The average cost of living for a student is 600 € per month (rent, food, communication, etc.)

It was very difficult, the loss of motivation to go to classes plus the isolation and feeling like I was robbed of my last year of school. Funding from the Foundation made me feel like I was not forgotten and helped me financially.  Student, GE 2021

I lost my student job. Audencia Foundation’s help enabled me to pay for my last year of school, since I did not have enough with my bank loan.  Student, SciencesCom-Master 2


Your donation, in any amount, shows your solidarity with our students who are building the world of tomorrow. Now is the time for mobilization.  Our network is our greatest strength!

Tax advantages to donating:

In addition to the good feeling that comes from helping others, you get a tax break as well!

  • 66% of you donation is deductible from your income tax, on up to 20% of your taxable income
  • €1,000 donation will cost you €340
  • 75% of your donation is deductible from your wealth tax on amounts up to €50,000
  • €1,000 donation will cost you €250
  • 60% of your donation is deductible from you corporation tax on amounts up to €20,000
  • €1,000 donation on behalf of your company will cost you €400


Thanks to the Foundation's partner programs in these countries, you can benefit from a tax deduction: Germany; Belgium; Spain; Switzerland; The Netherlands; Luxembourg; The United Kingdom.  

Outside of these partner countries, you can donate to the Foundation but you are not eligible for tax deductions. However, rest assured that a donation, whatever the amount, goes a long way to helping a student in financial difficulty!

For any questions, please contact Karyn Mikkelsen-Tillet, Development Manager


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